5 Kids party decorating tips

Decorations add the WOW factor to any birthday party and set the scene for a special day. So Build a Birthday has come up with these 5 tips on putting together the party decor for your kids next birthday party.
These kids party decorating tips from Build a Birthday will add the WOW factor to any child's birthday party and set the scene for their special day.

From the colour of your party decorations to your budget, table settings, paper lanterns, balloons and bunting flags.

5 party decorating tips


1. Colours

  • Party decorations are usually designed or bought to fit with your chosen party colours or to help form the party theme.
  • Colour is an important part of any party room decoration. Choose a couple of colours as your scheme, or go with all bright or all pastel colours.

2. Limited budget

  • If you have a limited party budget and a large room, consider decorating one or two areas rather than spreading the decorations sparsely across the whole room.
  • Perhaps first concentrate on the party table and the entrance to the party room, then move out across the space from there if budget allows.

3. Table settings

  • The focal point of the party is the table setting. This is where the kids will sit and eat, the birthday cake will be cut, and where a lot of photos will be taken of the special day.
  • When creating a table setting, start with one detail, and then build on it. For example you may have a nice table centrepiece or want to feature the birthday cake.
  • You can then choose a tablecloth, table runner, plates, cups and napkins to match that.
  • You may also like to add other small items across the table such as shells or sprinkles, ribbons or balloons.
  • Don’t forget that the food can also be used to dress the table. For example, fairy bread can be cut into shapes that fit the theme and will give colour to the party table.

4. Balloons

  • Balloons are a cheap and easy way to decorate a room. Helium balloons look great gathered on the ceiling with curling ribbon flowing down, or even tied to the party chairs.
  • Another way to decorate with balloons, is by putting several balloons on a cup and stick, then add them to a vase and use it as a centrepiece for the party table.
  • They can also be tied in bunches or strung across the room.

5. Paper lanterns & bunting flags

  • Paper Lanterns and bunting flags are the latest trend in party decorations. Many of these are good quality and can be reused for other parties.
  • Pin them to a wall or across the room for extra affect.

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Source: This article was kindly written for us by Build a Birthday - creating parties kids love!

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