Nappies & Toilet Training

Check out the range of nappies and toilet training solutions we have listed for all your kids toileting needs, for babies and toddlers through to pre-school kids.

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Nappyneedz for all your cloth nappy needs! Nappyneedz specialises in great cloth nappies, cloth nappy advice, information and sales for New Zealand parents. Save a fortune and the planet by switching to cloth nappies. Less chemicals, less waste, less money wasted. Our nappies have been developed by us here in New Zealand, and have been tried and tested on our babies.


Easy and economical cotton nappies with waterproof covers that really work! Ecobots is one of NZ's oldest cloth nappy brands, loved by 1000's of Kiwi families. Find out for yourself what makes Ecobots so good!
Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets

Take the hassle out of toilet training and bed wetting with Brolly Sheets range of quality waterproof bed linen for kids. Suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and beyond, Brolly Sheets are the perfect solution for wee accidents. So no more stripping beds in the middle of the night! We now also stock Snazzipants training pants and cloth nappies which are trendy and fun.
Totally Balmy

Totally Balmy

Natural skin care for babies, kids and the whole family; made by my family for yours. Totally Balmy makes soap, deodorant, baby balms, lip balm, sleep salve, and bath salts. Made with ingredients you can pronounce, without the nasty chemicals.

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