Homemade slime

Have a read of our Hot Topics articles all about how to make homemade slime for kids! Playing with slime is a great sensory play activity and will keep your toddlers and pre-schoolers busy for hours!

Try our easy slime recipes from basic slime to Christmas slime, marshmallow slime and colourful soap slime.
How to make slime

How to make slime

Kids LOVE slime and this is such an easy messy play and sensory play activity to make using simple household ingredients. Your kids will have lots of fun stretching it, moulding it, rolling into balls, throwing it into the air and letting it splat on the table!
Make your own Christmas slime

Make your own Christmas slime

Follow this easy recipe and turn ordinary slime into festive Christmas slime for kids to play with in the lead up to the big day.
Marshmallow slime

Marshmallow slime

Kids’ most favourite things all in one. Marshmallows AND slime! Have a go at making this super easy recipe. It's edible too.
How to make colourful soap slime

How to make colourful soap slime

You don’t get much messier than this when it comes to messy play! But it’s made with soap flakes, so at least it’s a ‘clean’ mess! It's the perfect outdoor sensory play activity. Make your own colourful soap slime at home using this super easy recipe.

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