ThumbGuard NZ

ThumbGuard NZ

Stop Thumb Sucking with ThumbGuard! ThumbGuard has a success rate of over 90%. It works by physically stopping kids making a seal over the thumb, thereby removing the pleasure from thumb sucking without causing pain or discomfort! ThumbGuards are made of safe medical grade plastic which sit over the thumbs. Read unsolicited testimonials on our website! FingerGuards available for fingersuckers.
Helles Teeth

Helles Teeth

Helles Teeth specialises in soothing, non-toxic silicone teething toys and we’re dedicated to bringing gum soothing goodness to babies around the world in a range of quirky themes and colours. We believe that teething toys should be safe and have a low impact on the environment - as well as being awesome to look at! Proudly designed in New Zealand.

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