We all know how good reading is for our kids, and finding books that spark their interest, be it princess and fairies, trucks or science fiction, is a great way to get them excited about reading from an early age.

Barefoot Kids Online

Barefoot Kids Online

At Barefoot Kids, we open children’s hearts, minds and worlds. Our products inspire children to be kind, caring, resilient, compassionate, open-minded individuals who can think creatively, critically, and globally. Give the gift that lasts a lifetime when you sign up to our Barefoot Kids Box subscription. It’s a fantastic way to build a home library that grows with your children.
Tessarose Productions

Tessarose Productions

CHRISTCHURCH: Tessarose makes magical music that provides educational opportunities for young children. Music feeds the brain. It enhances language development, a feel for rhythm, and the ability to learn. We’ve developed a range of music (now in digital format) that can be used in a variety of pre-school settings. Our focus is on developing physical skills through the use of music while children are having fun.

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