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Buying guide to highchairs

Buying guide to highchairs

Are you on the lookout for a highchair? It’s often difficult to know where to start! Our buying guide will help you find a highchair to suit your baby or toddler. From the different types of highchairs available to all those important things you'll need to consider when you're out shopping.
Inaccurate baby bottle markings

Inaccurate baby bottle markings

Recent findings show that some of the cheaper baby bottles available on the New Zealand market have inaccurate measurements marked on the side of them, meaning that some babies maybe getting infant formula that’s too concentrated, which in turn could cause possible health issues.
Introducing cups

Introducing cups

Teaching your little one to drink from a cup is always going to be a messy milestone, so be prepared! So when’s the right time? We take a look at timing, types of cups and getting started.
Tips on getting toddlers to use cutlery

Tips on getting toddlers to use cutlery

You know introducing cutlery to your little one is going to be messy! Whether you decide to wean your little one with purees or go down the baby-led route, all the effort you put in now will be worth it in the long run. Check out these useful tips.

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