8 Ways to save money on kids birthday parties

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to cut costs in some areas, these low budget tips will help you save money when it comes to your kids next birthday party.
Check out these 8 Ways to save money on kids birthday parties!

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to cut costs in some areas, these low budget tips will help you save money when it comes to your kids next birthday party.

8 Ways to save money on kids birthday parties


1. Birthday party planning

  • First and foremost keep things simple and plan! You may have lots of fun ideas, but remember to keep everything as simple as you can.
  • You will not only save money, but children under 5 years old can only take in so much at a time.
  • Having too many guests, too much food or entertainment is likely to cause meltdowns.

2. Birthday party budget

  • If you’re looking to save money, having a budget and sticking to it is essential for an inexpensive party.
  • Work out where you’re happy to save money and where you’re happy to spend a little more, perhaps on party supplies, party entertainment or the party venue.
  • Then as planning gets under way, write down all your expenses to ensure you keep your budget on track.

3. Birthday party invitations

  • The cost of buying invitations can add up, so you could always make your own. Use your computer to create them or if you’re not so creative there are plenty of templates online that you can download and print out.
  • Depending on their age, you could also get your kids to help make and decorate the invitations themselves.
  • If you don’t see the guests regularly, sending invites via email is another cheap option.
  • Even set up a Facebook Group or Event for the party. You can upload images, add the venue, times and any updates, send messages to all the 'members' as well as seeing whether they're attending.

4. Birthday party venues

  • Having your party at home is the cheapest option, but if your house can't accommodate many children, perhaps consider using your village hall or community centre. They'll be less expensive than hiring private function rooms.
  • Another option is to use a bigger venue and share the costs with another child’s birthday party.
  • If your little one has a summer birthday when the weather is a little more reliable, why not look at holding the party at the local park or beach or even in your own garden.

5. Birthday party themes

  • Costs can really mount up if you try to stick too diligently to particular birthday party themes, so be flexible.
  • Save money by having one colour as your theme rather than a whole range of branded items in your little one's favourite character. Or use a mix of the two to help reduce costs.
  • For very little ones, there's no need to have a huge theme. Pick something they're into such as trains or mermaids. You may already have some props around the house you can use too.
  • If you have a sandpit, why not make use of it and ask the other children to bring buckets and spades and have a beach party.
  • If it's a dress up party, why not try and make your own costumes.

6. Birthday party food ideas

  • Children are usually so excited at birthday parties and never eat as much as you think they're going to.
  • Keep your birthday party food ideas simple and reduce waste by making food you know they'll like.
  • Make and decorate your own birthday cake rather than buying one. Or make lots of little cupcakes and pile them on top of each other to form one big cake.

7. Birthday party decorations

  • Decide what birthday party decorations you absolutely must have, and which are just ‘nice to have’.
  • Shop around, and be prepared to improvise and get creative to help stay within your budget.
  • Lots of balloons hung around a room or scattered on the floor make for an instant party feel.
  • Keep the decorations in one room for more of an impact, rather than trying to decorate the whole house.
  • To help trim costs even more you could just decorate the party table and the immediate area around it.

8. Birthday party entertainment

  • There are some amazing birthday party entertainment and party hire options available these days, but if your budget is tight, think back to the party games you enjoyed when you were young.
  • Traditional party games such as pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs are still very popular and easy to organise yourself.
  • Why not plan a treasure hunt? Depending on the children’s ages, perhaps hide things in the garden or send them off with particular clues.

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