Mermaid party ideas for toddlers & preschoolers

Why not celebrate your little one's special day with a mermaid birthday party! Check out these ideas on mermaid party food and decorations, costumes and games you can play. You can also use some of these ideas for an under the sea party, pirate party and beach party.

Need some mermaid party ideas for your toddler or preschooler's next birthday party?

Check out these fun mermaid party ides for mermaid food, mermaid decorations, mermaid costumes and games you can play.

You can also use some of these ideas for an Under the Sea Party, Pirate Party and Beach Party.

Mermaid party ideas for toddlers & preschoolers


1. Mermaid party food ideas

Here are some easy mermaid party food ideas for you to try at home:

Beach birthday cake
  • Cover a homemade or shop-bought birthday cake with blue fondant icing.
  • Create a sandy beach by blitzing some crushed nuts and sprinkling them on top of the cake.
  • Make a palm tree and a mermaid character out of fondant icing (or buy a cake topper or some small plastic figurines) to lie in the sand.

  • Cover homemade or shop-bought cupcakes with blue icing and sea creature toppers (starfish, crabs and octopus).
  • Make the cupcakes extra special by putting them into paper blue or themed cupcake cases.

  • Fill large jars or vases with blue and coral coloured lollies.

  • Make your own starfish cookies with beige royal icing and smiley faces.

  • Try your hand at blue and coral coloured seashell chocolates.

Melt white chocolate, divide into two batches and add the blue food colouring to one batch and the coral colour to the other batch.

Pour each of the mixtures into seashell moulds and wait to set.

The special chocolate food colouring and seashell moulds are available from cake supplies stores.

Jelly cups
  • Make up some blue jelly and pour into individual paper eskimo blue stripe baking cups.

2. Mermaid party decoration ideas

There are so many different party decorations and party supplies available these days in store and online, but how about having a go at making some of these ideas too:
  • Set up a 'beach' in your backyard with stripy beach towels and an oversized umbrella.
  • Hang blue and coral balloons around your food table.
  • Use blue themed table settings.
  • Hire a beach-themed bouncy castle to add to the occasion!
  • Twist strips of green crepe paper streamers to make seaweed and hang the strips from the ceiling or tape them to the wall.
  • Twist blue strips of crepe paper and hang them across the ceiling to create the sense of waves and being under the ocean.
  • Make your own jelly fish and hang them from the ceiling. Just cut coloured paper lanterns in half and stick strips of crepe paper to the half that has the metal hanging piece. Then hang the jelly fish from the ceiling.

3. Mermaid party costume ideas

Have a go at making your own mermaid costumes. You'll often find suitable material oddments at your local haberdashery shop.

Mermaid costumes can also be hired or purchased online.

4. Mermaid party games

There are lots of traditional party games you can play, but how about adapting them to fit your mermaid theme, such as:
  • Musical beach towels! Played along the lines of musical chairs.
  • Mermaid treasure hunt. Hide plastic necklaces, gold coins and other gems around your home, backyard or paddling pool filled with sand for the kids to find.
  • Pin the tail on the mermaid (instead of the donkey!).

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Source: Popalicious. Image source: Pinterest

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