Organising a kids bat party

Hosting a kids bat party is lots of fun! From preschoolers’ parties to Halloween gatherings, this monochrome bat party idea is sure to delight your kids and is a breeze to whip together. Check out these tips on how to set the scene, fun party food ideas you can use and games you can play to keep your little bats busy.
Organising a kids bat party is lots of fun!

From kids birthday parties to Halloween gatherings, this monochrome bat party idea is sure to delight your kids and is a breeze to whip together.

Check out these tips on how to set the scene, fun party food ideas you can use and party games you can play to keep your little bats busy.

Tips on organising a kids bat party


9 Ways to set the bat party scene

1. Start with what you already have. From TV cabinets and side tables to crates and pot plants. You’ll be surprised at what potential party props you have lying around the house.

2. Get your DIY on! Make a bat cave with doweling and black sheets or tablecloths. You can string up some festoon lights or seed lights for a more dramatic effect.

3. Create a washi tape cityscape for a cheap but effective backdrop.

4. Personalise your party pieces. Try wrapping party popcorn cones in photocopied comic strips to match your theme.

5. Wrap empty boxes to display food on and add height to your party table.

6. Balloons are always fun and can double as a take home gift.

7. Add a bat decal for extra effect.

8. Get your little guests to dress up as bats or in Halloween costumes to add to the excitement.

9. Save time and money by hiring special party pieces that fit your theme.

9 Bat party food ideas to try

1. Paint some soda cans black and attach cardboard bat wings. A great project to do with your little one.

2. Mini milk bottles filled with chilled milk are ideal for pre-schoolers; dress each bottle up with a paper straw and write their name on it.

3. Cookie pops are easy and fun to make, just use a simple sugar cookie recipe, insert a lollypop stick before baking and you’re done.

4. For a fast and simple way to decorate use the same cookie cutter on rolled out fondant and adhere with a little vanilla or water.

5. Bake up a batch of cupcakes in cases to match your theme. Oversized piping tips help create a professional finish and couldn’t be easier to use.

6. Popcorn is always an easy and affordable snack and a favourite with the littlies. Serve in popcorn cones or Paper Eskimo cases.

7. Mini white chocolate mousse is becoming a go to party treat. It can be made in advance and always looks great on the party table in little glass jars. You can dress it up with a shard of chocolate bark, which your little party host will love to get involved in. Just melt chocolate and top with loads of different sprinkles, freeze dried fruit or nuts and let it set.

8. Buy some vanilla macaroons and stack. You can also add a brush of edible gold paint to add a little bling to your party.

9. A party wouldn’t be complete without a birthday cake of course! If you’re new to cake decorating give yourself plenty of time. You’re little person is sure to love whatever you create so have fun with it. There’s nothing that sprinkles, freeze dried fruit and flowers cant fix!

7 Batty party games to play

Here are some party game ideas to help keep those little bats busy.

1. A custom piñata is a fabulous idea and can become a party tradition to look forward to.

2. Freeze some plastic bats from a two-dollar store and set your partygoers up in teams with water guns. The first team to free the bat wins.

3. If it’s Halloween you’re celebrating then take your little bats round the block for a spot at trick or treating.

4. How about pass the parcel with small bats as the prizes.

5. Or pin the ears on the bat instead of pin the tail on the donkey. You can just draw the bat onto black card and pin it to a wall or door.

6. Organise a small treasure hunt where the kids have to hunt and collect bats or Halloween themed items around the house or in the garden.

7. If you've got space, how about a bat and spoon race, instead of an egg and spoon race! The kids need to run a certain distance with a small bat carefully balanced on their spoon.

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Source: This article was written by The Pretty Baker – for all your baking and kids party supply needs.
Image source: Party Styling & Props by Alanna The Planner.  Party & Baking Supplies from The Pretty Baker.

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