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AUCKLAND & TAURANGA: Chrysalis Group is one of the most award winning family of early learning centres in NZ, delivering ‘childcare like you’ve never seen before’! Our centres in Auckland and Tauranga have been carefully designed to create calming, beautiful and inspirational moments during each and every day for our passionate teachers, for our families and most of all, for your child.
AUCKLAND & TAURANGA: Chrysalis Group is one of the most award winning family of early learning centres in NZ, delivering ‘childcare like you’ve never seen before’! Read on to see why…

Our early learning centres in Auckland and Tauranga have been carefully designed by founders and directors, Nikeeta (an experienced ECE educator) and Dr Darius Singh (a former engineering professor), to create calming, beautiful and inspirational moments during each and every day for our passionate teachers, for our families and most of all, for your child.

Each Chrysalis Early Learning Centre has award winning play and learning environments, generously spacious outdoors, competitive fees and best in class services, and we have our own patented online learning ‘tree’ personalised for each child called 'Roots and ShootsTM'.

When you walk into any of our early learning centres you will instantly sense our gravitation to nature and earth inspired designs, spaces, functions, systems and spaces via our Gaia (Earth) based education principles. Our approach is gaining such interest and popularity, that we have now published and presented our works in all our centres at international education forms in Australia, Europe, Sweden, Asia, and USA.

About Chrysalis Early Learning Centres

We currently have a small family of Early Learning Centres across Auckland and Tauranga, with another groundbreaking “forest preschool” planned to open later in 2022.
  • Chrysalis Early Learning Centre, Rosebank Road, West Auckland
  • Magic Kingdom Childcare, Blockhouse Bay, Central Auckland
  • Fern Garden Preschool, Otumoetai, Tauranga
  • Gaia (Earth) Preschool opening in Manurewa, (near Auckland Botanic Gardens) – later in 2022.

Why choose us?

We wanted our early learning centres to have a ‘home away from home’ feeling for you and your child: With three generations of teaching history in both their families, that’s what a husband and wife team Nikeeta Singh and Dr Darius Singh have genuinely created for you and your child.

We wanted to be the most preferred and popular childcare centres in town: We have received recognition from multi-national businesses like Orion Healthcare and Southern Spars, and Methven who have chosen us as their preferred place for their staff childcare needs.

We wanted you and your child to be awe-inspired every day: So we designed our own ‘personal meanings’ and ‘messages of hope’ and ‘wow factors’ throughout our magical childcare centres.

We wanted to give your child the best head start for school: So we invented and patented an award winning ‘Roots & ShootsTM’ online e-portfolio learning system. This clever Kiwi innovation shows learning outcomes for your child growing on their personalised Learning Tree! It’s also now licensed by popular demand and exclusively by a world leading parent portal (called Kid Reports) to hundreds of centres in NZ.

We wanted you to feel proud that you are sending your child to the best Preschool, Daycare, Kindergarten or Childcare Centre in NZ: And now we have earned a multi-award-winning reputation and status for all our centres, with over 12 nationally recognised awards and accolades since we started in 2010 in areas of play space design, teaching leadership, innovation, sustainability, and our popular ‘Roots and ShootsTM' online system.

We wanted the best teachers for your child: Which means that we attract and hire the best from Blockhouse Bay (Central Auckland), through to Avondale (West and North West Auckland), through to Manurewa (South Auckland) through to Otumoetai (Tauranga).

We then train with our best, with our very own Curriculum & Mentoring Manager who together support our teachers' registration portfolios, curriculum planning, mentoring, and constantly ensure the highest quality outcomes for children are being achieved.

Chrysalis Early Learning Centres have become sought-after by teachers wanting to grow, experience and develop their careers, and as such, we only work with leaders and teachers who are equally passionate about our shared philosophies, values and vision for 'lifting aspirations' and 'messages of hope' in early childhood education.

We wanted to put your child on the steepest trajectory of hope and opportunities in life: So we invested heavily to create 'never seen before' innovative features in each of our early learning centres, and teaching and learning programmes to give your child the best head start we possibly can.

We wanted our teachers to feel valued and empowered so they can give your child their best every day: So we invest back into professional development of our teaching teams so they can continue to learn and deliver the latest best practices in early childhood education for your child, you and your family. We also take care of our colleagues' health and life insurance, financial support and well-being needs as part of our commitment to offer one of the most attractive Benefits and Care Packages in the industry.

We wanted to give your child our full focus and attention at daycare: So we naturally ensure we have the best Teacher:Child ratios and we remain in the highest band of qualified and experienced teachers.

We wanted to ensure your child's nutrition is personally looked after while they are in our care: So we provide diet-specific, healthy, nutritious meals every day by either our qualified chef or professional catering service that specialises in ECE centres (see our sample menu and our very own cookbook).

We wanted our parents to be up to date with the latest hot topics, research, parenting tips and news in early childhood education sector: So every month, our teachers publish a ‘hot topic’ blog for you, which normally becomes a topic of interest and stimulating conversation among parents and teachers at our centres.

We wanted to make all of the above things visible to you every day: And you can tell from our Testimonials pages by our parents, teachers and local communities cheering us on every month, plus we know you will see all of this too when you visit us.
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