Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby Sleep Consultants - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & NZ wide.

Need some help with getting your baby to sleep? Experiencing sleep issues and looking for some solutions? Check out the baby sleep consultants we have listed in your area, or give them a call for an over the phone session.

Sleep Works – Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Sleep Works – Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Sleep Works is a certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant providing New Zealand families with advice and hands-on guidance in order to achieve the sleep they deserve. Say goodbye to cat naps, and say hello to sleeping through the night! Hamilton based Sleep Works services the greater Waikato region with in-home consultations and internationally with phone consultations.
Cherished Sleep - Baby Sleep Consultant

Cherished Sleep - Baby Sleep Consultant

My name is Kim Corley, and I’m here to help! I’m a mum to two gorgeous children and a certified sleep sense consultant. Parenting is hard enough without missing out on sleep – so let me help you fix that! Whether you’re a new parent after advice, or an old hand with a sleep issue to fix, I’d love to help your family.
Baby & Beyond - Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby & Beyond - Baby Sleep Consultants

Baby & Beyond are baby sleep consultants based in Wellington. With a focus on empowering, educating and guiding families experiencing sleep issues and parenting challenges, Baby & Beyond provides solutions from baby sleep and settling to starting solids, toddler behaviour and everything in between.
Trish Martin - Baby Consultant

Trish Martin - Baby Consultant

Are you a mum who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and sleep deprived? As a mums advocate and baby specialist I believe that every mum deserves to feel awesome. I’m not just a baby sleep consultant or a feeding expert. I’m here to help you boost the knowledge you already have, take your intuition to the next level and feel empowered with what your instincts are telling you.

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