Tips on choosing a toddler party venue

Looking to hire a party venue for your toddler’s birthday? Here are some useful tips and things to consider before choosing a venue for their special day.
Looking to hire a party venue for your toddler’s birthday?

Here are some useful tips and things to consider before choosing a venue for their special day.

Tips on choosing a toddler party venue

1. Party venue budget

How much do you want to spend on your toddler’s party venue?

Like everything, the price of party venues can vary considerably. From the beach or local park which are free, to local village halls and venues designed specially to cater for toddlers, which are inevitably more expensive.

Consider how many people you would like to invite to the party and look for a venue that will accommodate them all.

If you’re looking to keep your party venue budget to a minimum, try to keep things as simple as possible and limit the number of guests you invite.
2. Party timing

It’s likely that your toddler and their friends are still napping during the day, so look for a party venue that is available perhaps late morning or first thing after lunch when they’re at their most active.

Try to keep the length of the party short too. An hour and a half is plenty of time for 2 and 3 year olds to have fun before they crash and burn.

The last thing you need is a room full of grumpy over-tired toddlers!
3. Convenience

Avoid choosing a party venue that is too far away from home.

Make it easy for yourself and your party guests to get there. A place that they can walk to or drive to and find a car park easily.

Travelling with a toddler can be quite hectic at the best of times and no-one needs the added stress before or after the party!
4. Visit the venue

If you can, visit the party venue before you confirm your booking to ensure it’s suitable for your toddler and their friends.

Choosing a venue that is toddler proof or designed with toddlers in mind, allows you and other parents attending the birthday to relax and let them run around and have fun without coming to any harm.

Age-by-age toddler party venue guide

It is important to take your toddler’s age into account when choosing a party venue, as toddlers of different ages have different needs.

Here’s an age-by-age guide that will help you plan the perfect party.
Parties for 1 year olds

Keep the party short and choose a party venue that can accommodate buggies and napping toddlers.

While many parents prefer to invite adults only to the first birthday party, some like to include other toddlers, so try to find a venue suitable for toddlers and adults.

Provide activities that will amuse one year olds, such as blowing bubbles. There’s no need to include formal party games.

Keep party balloons out of reach too as they can be a choking hazard.

Remember to take plenty of birthday party photos for your toddler to look back on when they’re older.
Parties for 2 year olds

Two year olds can sometimes be a handful, so try to choose a venue that is toddler proof.

A place that will keep toddlers calm and relaxed, allows them to make a mess and is easy to clean up.

There is no need for organised games as toddlers’ concentration is limited, instead look for activities that support parallel play.
Parties for 3 year olds

When toddlers turn three years old and get older, more party venue options and activities become possible.

Three year olds are at an age when they begin to understand parties and most are already used to group events in preschools and playgrounds.

Why not organise some singing activities or nursery rhymes and simple games for them to take part in.

Try to keep the party short and expect things to not go quite to plan.

If you can, keep gift opening until after the party, when your toddler can take their time and appreciate the presents they’ve been given without the distraction of other toddlers.

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