Guide to opening kids birthday presents

So what is the guide when it comes to kids opening their birthday presents? Opening them straight away or opening them later? While most children like to rip into their presents as soon as they can, some people like to collect the presents in a central location to be opened later in the party or after everyone has gone home. Is there a right or wrong way?
So what's the guide when it comes to opening kids birthday presents?

Should they open their presents straight away at their birthday party or wait and open them later?

Guide to opening kids birthday presents

While most kids like to rip into their presents as soon as they can, some people like to collect the presents in a central location to be opened later during the party or after everyone has gone home.

There’s no real right or wrong way, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your child.

Generally, if the presents are opened as the guests arrive, you might like to ask a helper (such as an older sibling or friend) to write on the back of the cards which present was gifted by that person for when you thank people later on.

If you plan to open the presents as a group, ensure that each guest is invited up to personally to give the birthday child their present.

1. Opening birthday presents as guests arrive - the pros & cons

  • Opening presents as guests arrives means the birthday child does not have to wait before getting to open their presents.
  • It helps reduce the comparison of presents.
  • Your little one can generally spend a little bit more time enjoying each new present before moving on to open the next.
  • It can be difficult to keep track of who has given which presents. Also, it can be difficult for you to be involved in opening the presents if you are organising last minute party bits and/or welcoming other guests.

2. Opening presents as a group - the pros & cons

  • Some parents may feel embarrassed if the present they have given is not as fancy or received with as much as enthusiasm as the one before.
  • Young kids tend to open one present and then move quickly onto opening the next present without really looking at what they have been given. Despite this, it can still be quite a long time for the guests to sit patiently while your little one opens the presents, particularly if there is a large group of young children invited.
  • It is easier to record who has given each present and enables you to be involved in the opening of them and personally thanking the guests and their parents.

3. Opening presents after the party - the pros & cons

  • Your toddler or preschooler will have more time to open each present and enjoy them without being rushed.
  • However they might be quite tired after the party and might not have as much appreciaition for each present as perhaps earlier in the day.
  • After the party, you'll have more time to sit with your little to open the presents and record who has given them what. 

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