25 Fun activities to keep your toddler busy

Finding fun activities to keep your toddler busy isn’t always easy! Toddlers have a short attention span and are always on the go, so we have put together some tried and tested ideas. Things they will love to do and don’t need a lot of preparation or cleaning up afterwards.
Finding fun activities to keep your toddler busy isn’t always easy!

Toddlers have a short attention span and are always on the go, so we have put together some tried and tested ideas.

Things they will love to do and don’t need a lot of preparation or cleaning up afterwards.

25 Fun activities to keep your toddler busy

1. Buy some small pompoms and get your toddler to put them into muffins tins or cupcake cases, counting as they go.

2. Create an indoor obstacle course or game. It’s a fun activity for toddlers to do inside on a rainy day.

3. Fill a big tub or bucket with water, add plastic/non-breakable pots and dishes and let your toddler wash away! Water play is always a big hit with this age group.

4. Find a basket or a box for your toddler to throw balls into. This activity helps them to help practice their throwing and aiming skills.

5. For a quiet time activity, why not download some audio stories and children’s music for your toddler to listen to.

6. Gather a few big cardboard boxes for your toddler to play inside or to use for building or drawing on.

7. Give your toddler a bowl of dried pasta or rice to play with and some spoons, tongs, measuring cups etc so they can scoop it in and out. They'll also love this rainbow spaghetti sensory play activity.

8. Give your toddler a toy tea set to play with or non-breakable plates and cups so they can set up their own tea party or picnic in the garden.

9. Go on a trip with your toddler to the local library or join a toy library and pick up some new books or toys for them to enjoy.

10. Grab some blankets or old sheets and make indoor tents, tunnels or dens.

11. Have a go at making some ramps out of old pieces of timber for your toddler to use for their small cars and trucks.

12. Head outside and take some outdoor walks with your toddler or set up some active games, obstacle courses or running races for them to try.

13. Large sidewalk chalk is perfect for toddlers and allows them to create their own artwork on the concrete path or fence. Try making some ice chalk paints too which make a great outdoors messy play activity.

14. Let you toddler play with a torch and explore outside when it’s dark. You can even just turn down the lights and let them shine the torch on the wall and floor as they walk around.

15. Make some homemade playdough (or use shop-bought) and give your toddler some small bowls, utensils, cupcake cases and let them make their own creations.

16. Play skittles with your toddler using shop bought or homemade skittles made from plastic bottles (just add a little water to stop them falling over too easily).

17. Set up a messy play activity for your toddler in the bath. Use shaving foam, food colouring in the water, bubble bath, paint brushes, water wheels, water crayons or whatever you have to hand. Why not make your own bath paints too.

18. Show you toddler how to thread coloured pipe cleaners through a colander. This is a great activity for their fine motor skills and concentration.

19. Take a piece of string, ribbon or thin rope and get your toddler to thread large beads onto it to make a necklace or snake. Your can also use this recipe for coloured pasta for kids arts and crafts.

20. Teach your toddler how to blow bubbles and perhaps make your own bubble mixture at home.

21. Toddlers love playing with dolls and soft toys and putting them into prams or cots. Tea towels make great little blankets and shoe boxes make great baby beds too.

22. Using an empty formula tin, cut a hole in the top so your toddler can post pegs into it or milk bottle tops.

23. Visit the park with your toddler to feed the ducks or maybe feed the birds in your garden.

24. Why not give your toddler large paint brushes and a bucket of water and let them paint the fence or garden path. Painting with water is lots of fun!

25. Your toddler will love playing with a tray filled with sand and small animals. Maybe add some stones or pebbles too to create small rocks.

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