Kids Christmas birthdays

If your child was born around Christmas time they might feel overlooked when it comes to birthday attention. So how do you ensure your child’s birthday in December or early January isn’t overshadowed by the Christmas holidays? Check out these useful tips.
If your child was born around Christmas time how do you ensure that their birthday party in December or early January isn’t overshadowed by the Christmas holidays?

Have a look at these 4 ideas on celebrating kids Christmas birthdays.

Celebrating kids Christmas birthdays

1. Birthday presents

It’s hard having a birthday at Christmas!

Kids may receive combined birthday presents and Christmas presents; their presents come all wrapped up in Christmas paper; their birthday is missed completely in the crazy days leading up to Christmas Day or nobody has time to come along to a birthday party in the silly season.

As challenging as it may seem, try to celebrate your child’s birthday and Christmas Day separately. Remember how fun your birthdays were as a child?

If your child’s birthday falls on Christmas Day try to set aside an hour or two during the day dedicated to opening birthday presents and eating birthday cake, and then spend the rest of the day opening Christmas presents as a family.

Another option is to open birthday presents on Christmas Eve or if your child is still young, spread out the opening of presents over a couple of days to avoid meltdowns and being too overwhelmed.
When you’re out shopping as tempting as it might be, buy separate presents for Christmas and your little one’s birthday.

Remember to buy Christmas wrapping paper AND birthday wrapping paper too so there’s absolutely no confusion!

2. Birthday parties

When it comes to a birthday party, why not hold it a few weeks before Christmas, at the end of the school term or even mid-way through the year. Celebrating kids half birthdays is not uncommon these days.

Even send birthday cake to kindy or daycare so your little one doesn’t miss out on sharing their birthday celebrations with their friends.

3. Birthday decorations

With party decorations, either hold off putting up the Christmas decorations until the birthday celebrations are over or consider putting both sets of decorations up together!

Another option is to perhaps arrange a picnic or a party at a venue away from home so that the Christmas decorations don’t detract from the birthday day.

4. Plan ahead

Try to plan ahead and observe your child’s birthday as you would a birthday at any other time of the year. 

Make sure your let your family and friends know the importance of celebrating both events separately and invite them to do the same.

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