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Would you know what to do if your baby stopped breathing? Or if your toddler choked on a toy? How serious are fevers? Tummy upsets? Bumps on the head? A baby/toddler first aid course designed especially for parents, grandparents and caregivers. Come and join us on a course, in-person or via Zoom.
First Aid for Littlies is a baby/toddler first aid course designed especially for parents, grandparents and caregivers.

How do you know if your baby is unwell? When do you need to see a doctor? When should you call an ambulance?

Learn about the many day-to-day concerns of every parent including fevers, coughs and colds, tummy upsets, concussion, burns, allergic reactions, as well as the major emergencies of choking and baby CPR.

Plus tips on car seats and making your home and garden safe for littlies.

Questions during courses are very much encouraged - this is the perfect time to get all those doubts and concerns resolved.

There’s a handy booklet full of information as well - posted out to you if you do the course via Zoom.

This is a practical, child-focused First Aid Course run by a former Ambulance Paramedic, experienced First Aid Instructor, and Mum to two gorgeous boys.

“If you've ever sat by your baby's cot at two in the morning wondering what you should be doing, this course is for you.”

About First Aid First Ltd

Sarah Thompson founded First Aid First Ltd in 2008.

“It was having children which made me realise how little information is out there, on the practical medical side of caring for a family. As a former ambulance paramedic and first aid instructor, and with a partner who is also a paramedic, we thought we had the medical side of having children covered.

Certainly, we knew how to do CPR, we knew exactly what to do if our baby choked, and we knew how to handle all the "big" things like burns, severe bleeding, allergic reactions, etc. But when our one-week-old baby came down with a cold, we were painfully short on ideas as to how best to ease his symptoms and alleviate his discomfort.

After talking to other parents, I realised just how many things scare parents, from fevers to tummy upsets to bumps on the head. And so, in consultation with numerous friends, family, medics, and other parents, I put together First Aid for Littlies, a course specifically designed for parents, to answer those very many questions and to debunk some of those medical myths.

Naturally, having two young children has helped to keep the courses realistic!”

Feedback on First Aid for Littlies

Here's some feedback about this course from past attendees:

“Would like to say a huge THANK YOU for last week’s zoom. You kept everything so relevant and interesting and we left the call feeling really confident and informed – the best first aid course we’ve done!”

“Thanks so much for the course - so glad to find one that covers general sickness and what to look out for! Especially in the first few weeks I was so unsure what to worry about and what not to.”

"Definitely the best first aid course I've been to with lots of practical advice, so thank you! I was expecting to come and learn about CPR and choking, but the course was so much more comprehensive which was awesome."

"Thank you for the excellent course. It was such a great atmosphere you created through your generous sharing and honesty along with such a human approach. Awesome."

"Thanks for the course last night it was fantastic, extremely informative and was so good that it could be done from the comfort of my own home with such a young baby."

"Thank you so much for yesterday I loved it! Your teaching style is fantastic, so informative & calming."

"The most worthwhile course I have been on for kids - one not to miss."


Come and do a course with us

This course has proven so successful via Zoom that it is now the way in which most parents prefer to attend. It’s great for parents all over NZ and even locals prefer it as it saves all the hassle of getting out the door with a baby in tow.

The Zoom courses are live and interactive, so there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Private courses for family groups and antenatal groups are also available, either via Zoom, or in-person within the Auckland region.

Join a scheduled public course, or contact us to arrange a private course.

Please visit us at or go straight to First Aid for Littlies.

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