Jumping Beans

AUCKLAND: Jumping Beans is a fun, child-centred physical activity programme offering active learning and gymnastics classes for under 5's with their parents/caregivers. Our programme is based on the latest research and over 30 years of practical experience!
AUCKLAND: Jumping Beans is a fun, child-centred physical activity programme offering active learning and gymnastics classes for under 5's with their parents/caregivers.

Jumping Beans

Our Jumping Beans programme is based on the latest research and over 30 years of practical experience!

Your child's brain grows most rapidly in the first 5 years. In fact, 80% of their ability to learn is determined during this crucial time!

At Jumping Beans, we know the incredible effects early childhood movement can have on the development of the brain, body and emotions. We have based our programme on the latest research and have created fun-filled, action-packed classes that help set your child up for a healthy, happy childhood!

What's In A Jumping Beans Class?

Each class incorporates elements from a range of fun activities, which are designed to help your child learn and grow:
  • Music and movement or dance for language and self-esteem development
  • Ball skills and rhythmic gymnastics for balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Safety skills to help you and your child learn how to navigate their increasing mobility, safely (and to help you sleep easier at night!)
  • Fun activities on our specially designed equipment to establish healthy exercise patterns and a love of success and learning
  • Bonding time and interactive play between child and caregiver, and socialisation with other children, all of which develops a sense of safety and security (secure attachment) and emotional intelligence

Our Jumping Beans Class Levels

Each of our different class levels is designed to help you understand and enrich your child's development as they move through those crucial early-childhood stages, such as creeping, crawling, learning to walk, hand-eye co-ordination and language.

Every child is unique and we encourage parents to choose a class by developmental stage, rather than age (ages are just a guideline).

Baby/Crawler Beans for babies aged 4 months - 12 months
Supports your baby's natural development with sensory-motor exercises, tummy time and movement to music. Stimulates neural pathways essential for developmental milestones. Incorporates activities to nurture coordination, strength and balance as your baby becomes increasingly mobile. Focus on parent/caregiver and child bonding, encouraging a relationship that makes your child feel safe (secure attachment).

Toddler Beans for toddlers aged 1 year - 2 years
Fun, child-centred activities support brain development while helping your toddler learn essential safety skills in line with their new level of mobility. We focus on things like safe grips and motor planning to help enhance agility and prevent accidents (and help you worry a little less!).

Gym Beans for children aged 2 years - 5 years
These active preschool classes offer fundamental movement and gymnastics, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and ball skills, alongside co-operative games and group exercises that help develop your child’s social skills and emotional intelligence. Gym Beans is designed to enrich agility, fitness, and cognitive development, preparing your child for a lifetime of learning.

Our Jumping Beans Instructors

All of our amazing instructors have been trained in our research-based curriculum, which accommodates a wide range of different learning styles. Our friendly, highly qualified team are there to lead you and your child through each class, helping you participate together!

At Jumping Beans, we create a safe and positive environment, where you and your child feel confident and excited to join in. Our fun, relaxed class style includes both structured time with activities to allow parents/caregivers and their kids to play and learn together, and the opportunity for free play. This lets the child lead, empowering them in choice-making, and giving you both an opportunity for socializing with other caregivers and children.

Jumping Beans Team

Our friendly team of Jumping Beans licensees welcomes you and your baby/preschooler to any of our centres in the Auckland and Nelson/Tasman regions:
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