12 Fun indoor activities for under 2's

Here are some fun indoor activities that you can do with your under two’s to encourage learning through play. As a parent or in home childcare provider, let your inhibitions go, be silly, forget the mess and join in with play wholeheartedly!
Forget the mess and join in with some of these fun indoor activities with your toddler which help to encourage learning through play.

12 Fun indoor activities for under 2's


1. Mini sandpit

Use a large storage container and fill it with sand. Add some sand toys and you have your own mini indoor sandpit that you can pop the lid on and put away when you have finished.

This helps develop hand eye coordination and dexterity in your child's hands and fingers.

2. Box play

Open up a large box at each end so it forms a tunnel. On the inside have textures to crawl on such as bubble wrap, carpet squares, silky materials, pillows or some leaves.

This enhances large muscle development and sensory exploration.

3. Paddling pool

Bring the paddling pool inside for a change. You can fill it with balloons, pillows or different textured material scraps.

This is great for newly sitting infants and extends sensory play.
A laundry basket with pillows around it works well too and makes a fun place for your baby to sit and watch as you do things around the house.

4. Treasure baskets

Have baskets or containers around the home with interesting items for your baby or toddler to find. Curiosity is a prime motivator for learning so what better motivation than crawling or walking around the house to find some ‘treasures’.

Babies and toddlers love to explore so put toys in boxes with lids, under blankets and inside pillow cases. Fill baskets with safe objects such as wooden spoons, plastic bowls, and tennis balls.

This is great for heuristic play, fosters learning through the senses and develops an understanding of object permanency; objects that exist even when they can’t see them.

5. Painting

There are lots of non-toxic children’s paints out there to buy at affordable prices or you can make your own paints at home. 

Painting is a great sensory play activity, it encourages dexterity in their hands and an understanding of early science with colours mixing and changing.

6. Balloons

Fill some balloons with water (use a funnel before blowing them up) or some with sand. The balloons will feel, move and sound different.

This helps to develop cause and effect and to understand that their actions have a reaction.

7. Old fashioned games

Some of the old fashioned games really are the best. There is a reason they have been around for a long time!

Playing peek a boo and doing action nursery rhymes such as round and round the garden are some of the simple pleasures.

Babies love it when you stand in front of the mirror and play peek a  boo and it helps to develop their self-awareness.

8. Huts

Make some huts with blankets over tables and chairs or set up some pop up tents inside. Fill with pillows and books for cuddles and stories or pretend your huts are caves.

Building and playing in huts helps to enchance your child’s imagination.

9. Indoor obstacle course

Have a mattress to jump and roll on, chairs to crawl through, boxes to climb in and out of and tables to climb under.

These all help to develop your little one's physical skills.

10. Dancing

Dance with your baby or toddler! Hold them close and waltz or make them laugh with some 70’s disco music.

This helps to develop their rhythm and coordination.

11. Have a party for no reason

Blow up some balloons, invite over other parents and children and get them to bring a plate. You could even turn it into a toy swap where each family can swap some toys.

This helps to enhance your little one's social development.

12. Goodbye phone and internet

Well at least for the day or even a few hours. Checking our phones and Facebook or answering emails takes us away from the moment and interrupts the natural flow of play with your child.

Set some time aside where these are off or at least on silent and enjoy the time with your child.

The saying 'they grow so fast' is really true! So let your inner child out and have lots of fun with your little ones or the little ones that you care for.

Safety note

Children under two require careful and constant supervision during play. This is essential for all aspects of play but particularly anything involving water or smaller objects that could be a choking hazard.

Pillows and materials during play can be a smothering hazard so use while supervised and then put away.

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Source: This article has been written by Creators, a nationwide service offering quality home-based care and education. Creators are passionate about seeing every child’s unique talent being recognized and nurtured.

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