Indoor activities for toddlers

Here are some fun indoor activities for toddlers that you can do to encourage learning through play. As a parent or caregiver, let your inhibitions go, be silly, forget the mess and play with your toddler.
Here are some fun indoor activities for toddlers that you can do to encourage learning through play.

As a parent or caregiver, let your inhibitions go, be silly, forget the mess and play with your toddler.

Fun indoor activities for toddlers


1. Mini sandpit

Use a large storage container and fill it with sand. Add some sand toys and you have your own mini indoor sandpit that you can pop the lid on and put away when you have finished.

This mini sandpit activity can help to develop your toddler's hand eye coordination and dexterity in their hands and fingers.

Place a sheet or tarpaulin under the sandpit so that it's easy to gather up all the sand that's escaped when your toddler's finished playing.

2. Box play

Box play is a really fun activity for toddlers and is relatively cheap or free to do if you have a large box at home already.

Open up a large box at each end so it forms a tunnel. On the inside have different textures for your toddler to crawl on such as carpet squares, silky materials, pillows or some leaves.

This box play activity enhances your toddler's large muscle development and sensory exploration.

3. Paddling pool

Bring the paddling pool inside! You can fill your toddler's paddling pool with pillows, cushions or different textured materials, blankets or throws.

Just add some of your toddler's toys and they have a new space to play in.

4. Treasure baskets

Place small baskets or containers around your home with interesting items for your toddler to find. Curiosity is a prime motivator for learning, so what better motivation than crawling or walking around the house to find some ‘treasures’.

Toddlers love to explore, so put some of their toys in boxes with lids, under blankets and inside pillow cases. Fill baskets with safe objects such as plastic bowls and tennis balls.

This is a great heuristic play activity that fosters learning through the senses and develops an understanding of object permanency; objects that exist even when they can’t see them.

5. Painting

Toddlers love to paint and there are lots of non-toxic children’s paints out there to buy at affordable prices or you can make your own paints at home. 

Painting is a great sensory play activity, it encourages dexterity in your toddler's hands.

6. Old fashioned games

Some of the old fashioned games really are the best when it comes to indoor play activities for toddlers. There is a reason they have been around for a long time!

Playing peek a boo and doing action nursery rhymes such as round and round the garden are some of the simple pleasures.

Toddlers love it when you stand in front of the mirror and play peek a boo and it helps to develop their self-awareness.

7. Building huts

Building huts inside is a really fun activity for toddlers. Hang blankets over tables and chairs or set up a small pop up tent inside. Fill your hut with pillows and books for cuddles and stories or pretend your huts are caves.

Building and playing in huts helps to enhance your toddler’s imagination.

8. Indoor obstacle course

Have a mattress to jump and roll on, chairs to crawl through, boxes to climb in and out of and tables to crawl under.

These activities all help to develop your toddler's physical skills.

9. Dancing

Dance with your toddler! Hold them close and waltz around the room or make them laugh as you dance to some 70’s disco music.

Dancing activities help your toddler to develop their rhythm and coordination.

10. Have a party for no reason

Decorate your lounge, invite over other parents and toddlers and get them to bring a plate. You could even turn it into a toy swap where each family can swap some toys.

This helps to enhance your toddler's social development.

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Source: This article has been written by Creators, a nationwide service offering quality home-based care and education. Creators are passionate about seeing every child’s unique talent being recognized and nurtured.

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