5 Ways to stay fit while raising young kids

Having young kids may seem like quite a workout routine on its own, but incorporating a strength training and conditioning routine into your busy life can actually give you more energy to cope with a hectic parenting routine. Here are 5 ways you can stay fit while raising young kids.
Struggling to find ways to stay fit while raising young kids at the same time? 

Finding there are never enough hours in the day?

Having young kids may seem like quite a workout routine on its own, but incorporating a strength training and conditioning routine into your busy life can actually give you more energy to cope with a hectic parenting routine.
Even if you don’t have time to make it into the gym, getting yourself the right home gym equipment means you can sneak in a few minutes of training in your own home.
Whether before motherhood you followed a regular strength training routine or whether you are now wanting to get in shape and shed those extra kilos pregnancy can leave, here are a few tips on how to fit some conditioning training into your busy routine.

5 Ways to stay fit while raising young kids


1. Make the most of the time available

If getting to the gym for strength training workouts is impossible, do your own workouts at home.

Just 10-15-minutes of planned exercises fitted in during the day, whenever possible, can be just as effective.

When your baby or toddler's napping, instead of flaking out in a chair, grab that time to exercise, and you will feel more refreshed and energised than from 'resting'.

Getting yourself some home fitness equipment will allow you to maximise those minutes you have available, and be sure to include some kettlebells.

These are great for a really effective, intense and fast workout which will build strength and coordination.

2. Be Inventive

Why not get up half and hour before everyone else and head out for a walk or a run?
You can be back before the rest of the family has woken up, and you'll be ready to start the daily routine with vigour.
The first few days might be hard especially in winter, but once your body adapts to the new routine you will find it easier to hop out of bed with enthusiasm knowing how much better it makes you feel.
Make the most of any opportunity to do some strength and conditioning training.

3. Include the kids

Get yourself a jogging buggy and take your baby or toddler with you. Not only will you benefit, your child also gets some good fresh air and a blast of adrenaline as they speed along!

When the kids are playing get down on the floor with them and do some exercises. Kids are naturally flexible and full of energy and will almost certainly join in, at least for a while.

That means not only you exercise, they do too, and studies have shown that children raised in a family where an exercise routine forms a normal part of life, maintain this habit throughout their lives, to become healthier people.

Make trips to the park, walking the dog and other excursions and enjoy some quality time having active fun with your kids.
Remember to keep them warm through the winter months though, as babies can quickly lose heat if not dressed appropriately.

Merino wool clothing has lots of benefits and is perfect for this as it helps your child regulate their body temperature all year round.   

4. Get Organised

Get together with other mums and make a rota for child-minding so that everyone has a chance to get to the gym or go for a walk or run.

Establishing regular days at fixed hours and marking them on the calendar can help to incorporate strength training workouts at the gym into your routine.
Also, training with friends is great motivation, as well as a chance for a chat!

5. Get Started

The sooner you get started on your strength and conditioning exercise routine the better, for you and for your entire family.
So don't put it off any longer, you'll be surprised that with a bit of planning and inventiveness you can fit a complete workout into your day.

It might be broken into short spurts but it will still invigorate and energise you for the most important task, of being a mother!

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Source: This article was written by Merino Kids™ – a New Zealand based company that specialises in producing 100% natural baby and toddler sleepwear and clothing.
Image source: running.competitor

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