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At Bambina, we don’t profess to be experts, but we are parents too and hope our first-hand experience and tips will help you along the way.
At Bambina, we don’t profess to be babycare experts, but we are parents too and hope our first-hand experience and tips will help you along the way.

Feeding Tips

  • Cruskits or similar wafers make great baby snacks and are cheaper than baby rusks. Just check out salt & fat content first.
  • Bath/feed/bed - follow this routine for an easier bedtime. Always keep bedtime calm and quiet.
  • Starting on solids? Try sweet fruits & veges such as pureed apple or kumara mixed with breast milk or formula.
  • When starting solids baby will eat just a tiny amount so freeze portions in an ice cube tray. Easy, convenient and no waste.

Clothing Tips

  • Don't rely too much on garment size labels as they vary widely. Go through clothing regularly and add/remove items as baby grows.
  • A sleep gown makes for easy nappy changing at night.
  • Wash tiny baby socks in a net delicates bag - no more lost socks!
  • Buy baby clothes that are easy to put on - envelope necklines are great, and look for wrap around styles for newborns.

Sleeping Tips

  • Baby sleeping bags are perfect for chilly nights - baby will be cosy regardless of the room temperature.
  • To keep baby warm on those chilly days/nights - rule of thumb is 1 layer more than you are wearing. And don't forget a hat!
  • Take a nap when baby sleeps! Even putting your feet up with a cup of tea and a mag is great therapy for a tired new mum.
  • Watch for baby's tired signs. Once you are able to recognise the signals you will find it far easier to get baby off for a nap.
  • Don't go running every time baby squeaks. Give them a few moments and they might just settle and pop off back to sleep!

Health & Wellbeing Tips

  • Sweet almond oil is a great natural remedy for cradle cap. Gently rub into problem areas after bathing.
  • Wrap,wrap,wrap - newborn babes love to be tightly swaddled.
  • Baby massage is a lovely way to bond with baby. Buy a nice oil, take a massage course or learn from a book. Baby will love it!
  • Try a baby sling for an unsettled baby. Constant movement is calming and bub will love being cuddled up with mum or dad.
  • The first weeks with a new baby can be exhausting! Be bold - ask visitors to help out with small household tasks or to bring food.

Playing Tips

  • Even tiny babes love to hear your voice. Try singing, rhymes or silly noises and watch those smiles start coming!
  • A colourful mobile above your change table makes for a relaxed nappy change.
  • Don't forget to have fun! Sing songs, make up rhymes, pull funny faces, tickle gently, blow raspberries then watch for a smile!

General Tips

  • Keep an "emergency" pack in the car. Nappies, wipes, change of clothing, wrap, toddler snack, sunblock - never be caught short again.
  • Use cotton wipes at home instead of disposables. Soak a day's worth in water with a few drops of teatree oil. Natural and cheap.
  • Buy a pack of old style cotton nappies - perfect for mopping up spills and act as an extra layer on your change table and in your bassinet.
  • Cotton muslin squares are a baby essential - use to mop up spills, as a sunshade or playmat, to swaddle your baby,as a change mat or soft towel for a newborn.

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Source: This article was written by the team at Bambina.


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