Tips on using modern cloth nappies at night

You’re already using modern cloth nappies on your little one during the day, so how about using modern cloth nappies night? Check out these helpful tips from Rarpz Design to get you started.
You’re already using modern cloth nappies on your little one during the day, so how about using modern cloth nappies at night?

Check out these helpful tips from Rarpz Design to get you started.

The Nappy

You need a nappy big enough to fit the soakers or trifolds you're going to use.

We recommend using your OSFM (one size fits most) nappy on the setting up from what you use during the day.

If you are already on the largest setting then that is fine, but it you are using sized nappies, then using the next size up can help.

The Soakers

You will need at 1-2 trifolds for your night nappy. This will see most children through the night.

If you find it's not quite enough then you can more inserts to increase the absorbency.

If your trifolds are brand new, then they will need to be washed 5-10 times before they are absorbent enough to last through the night.


Making cloth nappies work at night is trickier on newborns than it is on older babies. Because they are so little, the nappy lifts their body up slightly at the bottom.

You will need a microfibre booster (or microfibre of some sort) on the top layer of your inserts to "grab" the wees quickly on these little ones.

You also need to make especially sure that the leg fittings are snug on their little thighs so there are no gaps.

New-borns may feed through the night, so will put out more fluids then a baby that sleeps through. You will either need extra inserts/trifolds or you may need to change baby when he/she wakes for feeds.


Put your night nappy on as you are putting your baby to bed ie not an hour before.

If your child is older, then you may be able to pop them onto the potty or toilet to empty their bladder before putting the nappy on.

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Source: This article was written by Rarpz Design. The home of Bum Rarpz nappies, Shark Pups, Glow in the dark characters nappies and Rainbow Slices Wipes.

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