Packing for a trip with kids made easy

Going away with young kids on holiday or for the weekend? This quick and easy packing idea using zip lock bags will make your life less stressful whilst you’re away.
Going away with young kids on holiday or for the weekend?

This quick and easy packing idea using zip lock bags will make your life less stressful whilst you’re away.

Packing for kids using zip lock bags

All you need are your kids clothes, some large zip lock bags and a marker pen!

Step 1

  • If you’re going away for a week, simply sort 7 outfits for each child (plus a spare) or adjust the number of outfits in line with the number of days you’re away.
  • You can also reduce the number of outfits if you have access to a washing machine when you get there.

Step 2

  • Take a large zip lock bag for each outfit and put everything you need for that outfit into the bag (jeans, top, socks, underwear, headband etc).
  • Try rolling the clothes before you put them inside the bag to help them fit more easily.

Step 3

  •  Write the name of each child on the bags that belong to them or even just the day of the week.

Step 4

  • When you’re away, all you need to do is pick out a zip lock bag each day and the outfits are already set to go.

Step 5

  • At the end of the day, put the dirty clothes back into the zip lock bags ready to wash when you get home.


  • If you prefer not to write on the bags you can write each child’s name on a piece of paper instead and slip it inside the bag so it’s visible from the outside.
  • Save your zip lock bags and use them for your next trip.
  • Instead of zip lock bags you can also recycle plastic bags you already have at home.

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