Make your own bath paints

This homemade kids bath paints recipe will turn their bath time into a colourful painting session. These kids paints are lots of fun to use and cheap and easy to make with everyday ingredients.
This homemade kids bath paints recipe will turn your little one's bath time into a colourful painting session!

They are lots of fun to use and cheap and easy to make with everyday ingredients.

These kids paints are also fun to use in the shower or even in a paddling pool on a hot summer's day.

How to make kids bath paints


Bath paints ingredients

To make approx. 1.5 cups of bath paint you will need:
  • ½ cup boiling water
  • Medium size bowl
  • ½ cup cornflour
  • 1 cup dish washing detergent, shampoo, hand wash or body wash
  • Spoon
  • Small pots, muffin tray or paint tray(optional)
  • Liquid food colouring colour(s)
  • Paint brush/brushes (optional)

How to make your kids bath paints

1. Pour the boiling water into the bowl and add the cornflour.

2. Stir the mixture until the cornflour has dissolved and has a pasty consistency.

3. Add the dishwashing detergent, shampoo, hand wash or body wash and stir well with the spoon until there are no chunks.

4. Add the food colouring colour to the mixture and stir well.

Or for more paint colours, divide the mixture into small pots, a muffin tray or paint tray and add a different food colouring colour to each pot and mix well.

5. Your bath paints are ready for your kids to use in the bath tub!

Tips for your kids bath paints

  • Store the bath paints in an airtight container once you've finished with them. Then stir well before you use them again.
  • Your kids can use either their fingers or a paint brush/brushes to paint onto the bath tub or shower wall.
  • If the bath paints are too thick add a little more water, or if they’re too runny add a little more cornflour to get the right consistency.
  • Your kids artwork can be washed off the bath once bath time is over and the mess will just go down the drain.
  • Kids can even use the paints as body paints to paint themselves!
  • If you are worried about your kids having a skin reaction, use a non-allergenic shampoo or body wash.

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