The swim safe benefits for your baby

We are a culture that thrives on being able to spend time at play on our beaches and waterways, but we still need help when it comes to staying safe. Entering the water safely at an early age is a great way to begin, and the benefits of 'baby-friendly' swimming classes are unique, uplifting and contribute to the positive development of the whole child.
Baby-friendly swimming classes come with many benefits and contribute to the positive development of your child.
Researchers have documented for years that the stimulating effect of child-paced infant/toddler swimming classes has the potential to increase intelligence, concentration, alertness, and perceptual abilities – and ensuring that they learn early on how to stay safe in the water is the biggest bonus of all.

The swim safe benefits for your baby

Early swim lessons set a positive foundation towards a lifetime of participation and enjoyment in a variety of water sports and time spent on, in and under the water.   
Safety skills are one of the primary reasons why many people initially enrol their children in swimming lessons. However, the acquisition of the right safety skills early on in life is not only life enhancing, it can be lifesaving.

The younger your child can begin their swimming adventure, the sooner they will be able to build a foundation for a lifetime of safety in the water, and may even be able to one day save others.
Safety skills to learn include teaching a baby to jump into the water, turn around and swim back to the side. This is the most practical method of ‘self rescue’ for infants and toddlers as the majority of accidents occur near the edge of pools or other bodies of water, often when adults aren’t around.
A child who has had swimming lessons will learn to grip the side of the pool and eventually progress to floating on their back.

Knowing these skills can assist exponentially in making your child safer in the water. 

The other great thing is learning for parents about handling your child safely in and around the water, and being able to reinforce those skills at home, the beach or at friends’ pools.

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