Halloween pumpkin balloons

No need to go to too much expense for Halloween, make your own Pumpkin Balloon decorations! These Pumpkin Balloons are quick, easy and cheap to make and the kids will love them.
If you're looking for quick and easy ideas for young kids this Halloween, why not make some pumpkin balloon decorations.

They're quick, easy and cheap to make and the kids will love them.

They also look really effective if you have a few of them together.

You will need

  • Packet of orange balloons
  • Black marker pen
  • Green ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glow sticks (optional)

To make the pumpkin balloons

1. Blow up the balloons.

2. Draw pumpkin faces on the balloons using the black marker pen.

3. Attach the green ribbon for the pumpkin foliage. Using the scissors cut the ribbon short for more effect or keep it longer and hang the pumpkins from the ceiling.


For extra effect, why not insert glow sticks into the balloons before you blow them up and create your own Halloween Lanterns.

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