6 Ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas is such a special time, so here are some ideas on ways you can celebrate and make it memorable for years to come.
Your baby’s first Christmas is such a special time, so here are some ideas on ways you can celebrate and make it memorable for years to come.

6 Ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas


1. Presents or keepsakes

Are you thinking about going all out with mountains of Christmas presents or opting for a more low key approach and perhaps creating keepsakes instead?

It’s such a personal choice, but whatever you decide, remember that babies really don’t have any idea of what’s going on.

We all love to give presents, but small keepsakes can be kept as an everlasting memory of their first Christmas.


2. Christmas traditions

Now’s the time to start your own family Christmas traditions or carry on ones that you had when you were child.

One of the easiest is starting your own Christmas tree decoration tradition.

All you need to do is buy a Christmas tree decoration each Christmas and give them all to your child when they leave home for their own tree.


3. Christmas cards

New parents love taking photos and Christmas gives you the perfect excuse to foist your baby’s adorableness on pretty much everyone in your address book.

Create your photos online or print out some photos and stick them to card and make Christmas cards the old fashioned way.
Or how about having a go at this idea and making Christmas cards using their finger prints


4. Christmas stockings

Now’s the time to buy your baby’s Christmas stocking, one that you’ll pull out year after year.

Look for stockings that are well made and won’t go out of fashion in a hurry.
Here are some ideas on what to put inside their Christmas stocking.


5. Visit to Santa

Your baby will have absolutely no idea who the guy in the red suit is, but you’ll love looking back on the photos in years to come.


6. Christmas photos

Christmas time gives you the perfect excuse to take even more photos, from when they first see the lights on the tree to opening their presents.

Your baby is at a great age and will stay in one place. Take lots of photos and delete those that don’t turn out so well.

Perhaps even create your own Christmas photo album, adding new photos each year as your baby grows up.

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