Totally Balmy

Natural skin care for babies, kids and the whole family; made by my family for yours. Totally Balmy makes soap, deodorant, baby balms, lip balm, sleep salve, and bath salts. Made with ingredients you can pronounce, without the nasty chemicals.
Totally Balmy produces a range of natural skin care products for babies, kids and the whole family including soap, deodorant, lip balm, baby balms, and bath salts.

Totally Balmy is a small natural skin care business run by a Scottish born, Kiwi mother of two.
Lip balm was the product that started my business, but having a baby inspired me to create some baby balm. I was shocked to see how many chemicals were in commercial baby products, so decided to make my own.
From here, Totally Balmy was born.
I've tested many products on my family, friends, and myself, and from this I now have a few new products.

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