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Goodbye Sandfly Natural Insect Repellent (100% plant oil) and Bite Soother makes the outdoors fun. You get the comfort that it works, and that it’s GOOD for you and your family. The Goodbye family includes Goodbye Nits, the drama-free product for dealing with headlice, and Goodbye Ouch Manuka Balm, the skin care product for all the ouch moments in your life.

The Goodbye family includes Goodbye Sandfly Natural Insect Repellent (100% plant oil) and Bite Soother, Goodbye Nits, the drama-free product for dealing with headlice, and Goodbye Ouch Manuka Balm, the skin care product for all the ouch moments in your life.

Goodbye Products

Goodbye products are not animal tested. They are family tested. Every product spends months and years being used before they release it to you.

Each product reflects dedication to the performance of the product, its safety, sustainability and its ease of use.

The outdoor world is a key to wellness, and all kinds of generous and inspiring topics are shared on the Goodbye blog called Outdoors is Good.

Goodbye Sandfly

Goodbye Sandfly was formulated in 1999 while working as canoe guides on the Dart River out of Glenorchy.

Product maker Becky spent the summer of 1999 trailing different blends with willing canoe guests, getting feedback and refining the formula.

They found a formula that was the consistent winner, people liked using it because it worked and it smelled good.

How do we know that? Well, it's been the #1 selling natural repellent in New Zealand since 2009!

When they moved to Karamea in 2006, for the first time they were actually living in sandfly country. Their house in Karamea backed onto the bush, and had sandflies in the house if the wrong windows were left open.

Living with sandflies on a daily basis, and learning from their community, they realized that there is a lot of information to share. People on the coast have such a patient, grounded attitude about sandflies.

There are five years of other visitors input captured on the Sandfly Map.

They’ll tell you what they found when they visited an area, so you’ll have an idea of what kind of environment sandflies live in. 

Where to buy Goodbye Products

Goodbye Products are available in over 700 shops in New Zealand and from our online shop for world wide delivery.

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For more information about Goodbye Products and to shop online, visit our website or email us at


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