#1 GAME CHANGER! - Arc Assistant Learning Tower

#1 GAME CHANGER! Stress less! Get your toddler out from under your feet in the kitchen during meal prep with the Arc Assistant Learning Tower. THE ONLY Learning Tower (The NZ made Arc Assistant Learning Tower) with safety compliance (including stability tested patented Outrigger Balance Feet), an amazing Consumer NZ Review and advocacy from Nathan Wallis. Choose the safe Learning Tower for your child.
#1 GAME CHANGER! The NZ made Arc Assistant Learning Tower is the ONLY learning tower with safety compliance, an amazing Consumer NZ Review and advocacy from Nathan Wallis. 

Choose the Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower / Kitchen Helper or the Arc Assistant 3 in 1 Learning Tower / Kitchen Helper + Toy Box + Island Bench for your child today.

PLUS you'll receive $50 OFF the Arc Assistant 3 in 1 Learning Tower here when you enter the code UNDER-5S at the checkout (use capital letters & exact promo code to qualify)! 
Laybuy and afterpay options available.

Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower / Kitchen Helper


USED BY ... 

Nadia Lim, Nathan Wallis, Valerie Adams, Anika Moa, Laura McGoldrick, Toni Street, Sam Wallace, Claire Turnbull, Carly Flynn and Dorothy Waide. Featured by Stuff, Tots to Teens, Baby on the Move, Babyology and Trends.


1. Safety Compliance, with Arc Patented Outrigger Balance Feet for stability
2. Advocacy from Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience educator and a
3. Glowing Consumer NZ Review


The NZ made patented Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower, is the ONLY KITCHEN HELPER with Arc Outrigger Engineered Balance Feet.

The Arc Assistant Kitchen Helper complies with the Cot Stability Test within AU/NZ AS/NZS 2172/2013. It did not tip over during rigorous IANZ accredited stability testing. This is crucial for your child’s safety when standing at height. It also has solid walls so little ones can’t fall through gaps. 


"At least one child aged 1-2 years is admitted to hospital for a fall related injury every day in New Zealand." Don't let your child be one of them. Choose the Arc Assistant safety tested kitchen helper/learning tower.


“I love that the Arc Assistant Learning Tower facilitates hours and hours of extra face to face time for toddlers during their formative years. 80% of the brain is developed by age three and connected secure activities are imperative during this time.

The fact that the Arc Assistant Learning Tower has been rigorously safety tested at an IANZ accredited lab gives me confidence in using it with my grandchildren. It is for this reason and the fact that it helps facilitate so much daily parent and child connection, that I advocate for the Arc Assistant kitchen helpers.”


Increase your toddler’s daily brain development every day in their first 3 years when 80% of their brains develop. Plus take back your stress-free kitchen, with no more little ones under feet, balanced your hip or precariously on an unsafe stool. 


Simply by including your toddler and having them stand up at the bench beside you in The Arc Assistant Learning Tower. The Arc Assistant Kitchen Helper facilitates 1000s of extra connected activities with you. The more connected activities with you in the Arc Assistant Kitchen Helper during their first 1000 days, the better their brains develop during this crucial time.

Dimensions: Arc Assistant Learning Tower dimensions when assembled (aka The Kitchen Helper Tower):

  • Front Height = 850mm (fits under most bench tops)
  • Internal depth and width = 350mm square
  • Top platform height from the floor = 390mm
  • Middle platform height from the floor = 290mm
  • Lowest platform height from the floor = 190mm 

Arc Assistant 3 in 1: Learning Tower / Kitchen Helper + Toy Box + Island Bench


In addition to the famous NZ made safety tested Arc Assistant Original Learning Tower function, The Arc Assistant 3 in 1 can also be converted into a Toy Box and an Island Bench.

You can change between the Learning Tower (aka The Kitchen Helper), the Toy Box and Island Bench as many times as you wish, as no tools or screws are involved.




The Arc Assistant is a Learning Tower that has been developed to meet a real need parents and carers are having. It's an adjustable safety-fun stool and learning tower in one that boosts your toddler so they can stand up and interact safely at bench height.

The Arc Assistant has been 100% designed and made here in New Zealand to make meal prep and other bench activities easier and fun for you and your toddler. It’s the perfect little kitchen helper stool for when they’re wanting to get up on the bench or to be carried whilst you’re trying to cook or do other tasks.

Learning towers provide a safe environment for toddlers to nurture their independence and to stimulate their imagination. Whether it's 'helping' with dinner, baking or doing arts and crafts. The Arc Assistant has four enclosed sides and gives your toddler more freedom to interact with learning activities than a highchair.

The Arc Assistant’s modular design requires no tools or screws to assemble and goes from flat pack to complete in under 60 seconds! It's also very easy to clean and made of water-resistant board.





Buy an Arc Assistant learning tower today to start enjoying stress-free kitchen fun with your toddler, supporting their brain development at the same time.

To find out more about the Arc Assistant and to buy your own online, visit the Arc Assistant website


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