SleepDrops - Natural Sleepdrops for Kids

Get better sleep for you and your children with NZ’s #1 sleep products for babies and kids. Whether they are having trouble going to sleep, staying asleep or whether it is school yard worries during the day - SleepDrops has the remedy for your child. This award winning range allows you to combine and customize the remedies for each individual needs. Nice!
Get you and your little one a good night sleep with the SleepDrops range of natural sleep products for babies and kids.

SleepDrops is an award winning NZ made mix and match range of all-natural sleep and stress remedies to provide support during times of stress and sleeplessness.

The range offers natural products for babies and kids of all ages that can be combined to create a unique solution tailor-made for each individual’s needs.

SleepDrops is New Zealand’s Number One selling sleep range and has been supporting babies and kids to sleep better for over 10 years.

For more information visit the SleepDrops website.


SleepDrops for Babies

As parents it can be difficult to work out what is distressing your baby.

SleepDrops for Babies is a unique product which has been specially formulated to support and address the reasons your baby may not be sleeping.

We know you want your baby to be calm and happy… and most importantly to sleep well. Happy babies and toddlers are the joy of our lives and good sleep is the very foundation of this.

We also understand how important this is for busy parents so you can get the rest you need yourself.

SleepDrops for Babies are a completely natural sleep formula that will support your little ones natural sleep patterns.

The drops are non-habit forming, non-toxic and are a gentle way to help soothe a distressed infant and re-establish calm or settle toddlers when they are overexcited.

SleepDrops for Babies have additional support for children between newborns and toddlers with a special blend of herbs and homeopathics to support low grade allergies, digestive and nervous system health and teething problems.

These are common reasons why children of these first 3 years in life have sleeping problems.

For more information about SleepDrops for Babies visit the SleepDrops website.

SleepDrops for Kids

SleepDrops for Kids are a completely natural sleep formula designed to support your kids' natural sleep patterns.

They're a non-habit forming, non-toxic, gentle way to help you to re-establish calm before bedtime.

This helps settle kids when they are overexcited or have an overactive mind which may be preventing them from achieving the sleep necessary for their growing bodies.

For more information about SleepDrops for Kids visit the SleepDrops website.

Other natural SleepDrops products

Daytime Revive

Daytime Revive is a great day time remedy for both adults and kids.

This remedy offers support for day time energy, stress, anxiety, mood maintenance, school yard worries, focus, concentration, blood sugar regulation and promotes better sleep at night.

Don't rely on stimulants and sugar to get through your day. Support your normal body processes with Daytime Revive and your body will love you for it!

Daytime Revive supports your natural energy production, soothes a frazzled nervous system and helps you feel more balanced so you can get more out of your day and a better night’s sleep.

For more information about Daytime Revive visit the SleepDrops website

SleepDrops for Adults

Do you need sleep support for yourself too?

Whether you are having trouble going to sleep, waking during the night, or have little one's keeping you from achieving deep, restful sleep… SleepDrops for Adults may be the answer for you!

SleepDrops for Adults is a natural solution that contains 13 of the most scientifically researched, studied and recognised herbal remedies for sleep problems combined with 11 homeopathic sleep remedies that support normal sleep patterns.

These are combined with a blend of flower essences which enable your body to remember how to get to sleep and stay asleep.

SleepDrops for Adults is designed to cover all the bases by supporting normal body processes such as liver function, naturally occurring sleep chemicals and the nervous system. It also provides energetic support for over active minds, emotional support and covers many other possibilities for a busy mind.

For more information about SleepDrops for Adults visit the SleepDrops website.

SleepDrops full range

Sleep smarter. Live better with SleepDrops products for babies, kids and parents too.

Visit the SleepDrops website to view our full range.

Contact SleepDrops

To find out more about SleepDrops and our babies and kids natural sleep products, visit the SleepDrops website or email us at


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