Buggy Plate's

Buggy Plate's are an ideal gift for your trendy little boy or girl. Buggy Plate's can also be used on a tricycle, bike, your baby's bedroom door, or even cot. Buggy Plates comes complete with your baby's name, date of birth and country flag.
Are you looking for the perfect baby gift? Well look no further. Buy them a Buggy Plate.

Buggy Plate's

These fun plates make a unique personalised addition to your buggy.

Why not use the Buggy Plate to personalise your child’s bike? As a name plate on a bedroom door? Or we can even make one for Grandad to personalise his lawnmower! The possibilities are endless!

Your Buggy Plate comes complete with your baby's name, date of birth, country flag and attachment eyes.

Buggy Plate's are proudly New Zealand owned and made from high quality bonded aluminium with road sign quality reflective vinyl face. These plates are made to stand up to the bumps and thumps associated with the use of your pram, buggy, tricycle or bike.

The Buggy Plate's measure 275mm x 75mm with rounded corners.

All this for only $45.00, plus postage and packaging.
Contact Buggy Plate's

For more information about Buggy Plate's email us at or visit the Buggy Plate's website

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