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Hi, You're receiving this email because {name} thinks the Blossom Baby & Bed article would interest you. Blossom B makes life easier for mama's knee-deep in nappies, spills and reflux and the never-ending laundry pile!

Make cleaning up all those little messes quicker and easier with our ultimate nappy-free time play mat, reusable change pad liners, On-The-Go bamboo change mat sets, clever burp cloths, snuggly 2-in-1 waterproof sheets and more - we've got you covered!

Blossom B - waterproof play mats, change mat liners & burp cloths

Our goal at Blossom B is to make life easier for mums who are dealing with the ‘messy’ parts of parenting!

Our beautiful cotton, bamboo and muslin products with a clever waterproof layer make cleaning up after spills, nappy leaks and other little accidents super quick and easy - reducing your laundry pile and saving you time, effort and sometimes even your sanity!

Blossom B range

Our products are all designed by Blossom B's owner after her experience of the chaos of parenting two under two, including a newborn with reflux.

We believe our products will lighten your load and make your life easier, so we offer a 30 day guarantee that you will love them!
  • The Washable Play Mat
The ultimate nappy free time play mat! Our versatile baby play mat is waterproof and reversible, perfect for protecting your carpet from spills or during nappy free time.

Choose from the soft, warm and absorbent bamboo terry, or the beautiful wipeable floral or botanical print for a super quick clean up.

So easy to clean - just machine washable and tumble dry! Comes with a matching wet bag for storage or taking out and about.
  • Reusable Change Pad Liners
Whether you are dealing with a wriggly baby, a poo explosion or a baby who wets as soon as the nappy is off, our best selling product will make messy nappy changes so much easier!

Place one of our clever liners on your change pad and when it is soiled you can quickly remove and pop in the wash, leaving your change pad clean and ready for the next nappy battle!

Made with soft and absorbent bamboo terry with a waterproof backing and able to be tumble dried, these are a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable change mats and puppy pads.
  • The Cheat Sheet
We designed our waterproof cot sheets to make changing wet or soiled sheets super quick and easy, so you can get back to bed fast and enjoy a few minutes of extra sleep!

Our snuggly jersey cotton cot sheet feels like a normal cot or bassinet sheet but has a clever, quiet waterproof cot protector hidden underneath.

This means no need to remove and replace a separate mattress protector at 2am - so saves you time and half the washing!
  • Travel Bamboo Change Mats
Our On-The-Go portable change mat set has a beautiful and handy waterproof change mat in a matching wet bag to carry all your nappy changing essentials when you are out and about!

The bamboo change mat features a super soft and absorbent bamboo terry, and a water resistant printed reverse.

Perfect for in the nappy bag or in the pram!
  • The Spill Catcher Burp Cloth
Mum's of a reflux or spilly baby, this is for you! Our waterproof burp cloths have several clever features to help catch those spills and reduce your laundry.

Made with bamboo/cotton muslin and an inner waterproof layer, these are large, absorbent and have a snap feature to hold them in place on your shoulder - no more leaks, no more cloths falling off your shoulder, and a great size for full coverage.

You can also use them under baby on the play mat, bouncer, pram or change table to catch spills too!
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