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Hi, You're receiving this email because {name} thinks the Make your own erupting snow article would interest you. Erupting snow is a simple sensory and messy play activity you can make at home.

This recipe is easy to set up using basic household ingredients and will keep your kids entertained for ages.

The snow is soft and powdery and even feels cool to the touch. It’s just like playing with real snow, but without the frostbite!

Have a go at making your own erupting snow with this recipe from our friends at Mud Mates.

Make your own erupting snow


Erupting snow recipe ingredients

  • Baking soda (approx 2 cups/500g)
  • 1 x can of shaving cream (approx 250g)
  • White vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Large bowl or container
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Optional: silver glitter

How to make the erupting snow mixture

 1. Tip the baking soda into the bowl or container.

2. Add around 3/4 of the can of shaving cream.

3. Slowly mix everything together. You may need to add more/less shaving cream depending on the texture of the snow you want to achieve.

4. Once it’s all mixed together you will have soft and silky snow to play with. It will smell good too!

5. Now fill the spray bottle with vinegar, spray the snow and watch it bubble and foam just like a volcano. 

6. Then take the erupting snow to a whole new level by adding some food colouring to the vinegar mixture.


More ideas for your snow mixture

  • Once you've carried out steps 1-4, the snow can be easily moulded and is perfect for making your own snowman. Use the snow to build the snowman's body and then add sticks, stones and even carrots or raisons for its arms, eyes and nose etc.
  • You could also add some silver glitter to the snow after step 4 to make it sparkle and shine.


  • You may want to do this activity outside as the snow is likely to end up all over the place. However don’t do it directly on the lawn as vinegar kills grass.
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Source: This article was written by Mud Mates - Taking care of messy kids with protective over-garments, perfect for dirty, messy play, indoors and out.
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