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AUCKLAND & WELLINGTON: KiwiOz provides quality solutions for all your childcare needs. Established in 2002 KiwiOz offers busy parents full time and part time nannies, babysitting services, temporary nanny cover, ECE funding subsidies for children aged 0 - 5 years and Gift vouchers for friends and family.
AUCKLAND & WELLINGTON: KiwiOz provides quality solutions for all your childcare needs.

Nannies are trained to look after your child’s well-being and development, as well as help your family life run smoothly. They care for your family in your own home.
Established in 2002, KiwiOz offers busy parents:
  • Full and part-time nannies
  • Babysitting services
  • Temporary nanny cover
  • ECE funding subsidies for children aged 0-5
  • Gift vouchers for friends and family

What does a nanny do?

Unlike daycare and in-home educators, KiwiOz nannies look after your children in your own home.

Each child is surrounded by all their favourite things and our nannies take time to learn the rules and values that are important to you so that these can be part of everyday life.
Specific tasks vary but nursery duties are always done, including the children’s laundry. Toys are rotated regularly and kept clean, and healthy, nutritious meals are prepared for your child to the standards you expect.

Having a nanny will give you and your family both stability and flexibility

You’ll have the same person working with you, helping your family life run smoothly. When you get home after work, the house will be warm and welcoming with the household chores all complete.

Many parents love to find their children fed, bathed and relaxed when they get home, all ready for cuddles and a bed time story.
Unlike other childcare options, we’ll be able to look after your family when illness strikes. This means you’re taking far less sick leave. Your children will be cared for in their own home and we can keep you informed of how they are.

If your nanny is ill, we can provide you with a replacement nanny who has been fully police checked and vetted.
There are no late fees so when your schedule suddenly changes and you’re running late, the children will be relaxed and comfortable at home.

This is how it works

When you contact KiwiOz, we will ask you all about your family and the areas where you feel you need some support. We will then work through our records to find suitable nannies.

As well as extremely thorough police checks and screening references, we meet all of our nannies in person. This helps us recommend nannies with the right experience and character to fit in with your family.
Once you have chosen your nanny, we will help you make a job offer. Then we’ll get to work writing your employment agreement. You can have nannies on a full, part-time or temporary basis.
Before your nanny starts working for you, we will give you plenty of advice so that you feel prepared. And we will continue to run all the legal and administrative paperwork on your behalf, including payroll. 

Different ways to look after your family

Nannies can be full or part time. We can also help you link with like-minded families if you are interested in sharing a nanny.
To help parents cope with short-term needs, we also offer:

Temporary nanny service
  • When kids have to stay home from daycare, or when an unexpected event pops up, we can help you with temporary cover. Our minimum booking period is 5 hours ($125.00) for any daytime hours required.
Babysitting service
  • Experienced nannies with first-aid training can keep your little ones safe and happy while you're out. This service is offered in Auckland and Wellington for evening bookings from 6pm onwards. All babysitters have been interviewed by KiwiOz and are Police and reference checked.
Phone us on 09 489 8955 for Auckland or 04 889 2212 for Wellington, or visit or website for more details.

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