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AUCKLAND WIDE: Are you looking for quality, affordable childcare? We are a free service helping parents access affordable, quality childcare in an educator’s or the parents’ home and giving support in providing great education and care.
AUCKLAND WIDE: Home2Grow Childcare is a licensed, government-funded in-home childcare provider helping parents access affordable, quality and flexible childcare across the Auckland area.

Home2Grow Childcare

At Home2Grow Childcare we offer several subsidies including WINZ, 20hrs ECE and our own non-income tested subsidy.

Because we are licensed to provide care 24/7, we have no minimum or maximum hours, are able to provide care any time of the day, including weekends and accommodate such things as your changing shifts.
In order to provide quality education at Home2Grow Childcare, we have low child/adult ratios with a maximum of 2 children under 2 years and 4 children overall.

Our educators plan and document each child’s learning and development following the NZ early childhood curriculum and keep a daily diary.

They are also provided with training and support from our fully qualified program coordinator, who visits each child at least once a month and is available for contact and support 24/7. Support is given with such things as planning as well as any questions or problems.
At Home2Grow we also provide educators with access to free resources and services such as a toy library, playgroup, school readiness and other programs.

We encourage our educators to take advantage of resources available in the community, such as libraries and community events.

Fun, educational classes are also available free of charge for children enrolled with Home2Grow Childcare.
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