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Chiquimundo specialises in Spanish classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. We differ from other language schools because we include parents and caregivers in our classes too. We support whole families learning together to make meaningful, relevant and multi-contextual Spanish learning possible - and FUN!
Chiquimundo specialises in Spanish classes for babies (chiquimúsica), toddlers, preschoolers (chiquiniños) and school-aged children (chiquichicos).

We differ from other language schools because we include parents and caregivers in our Spanish classes too.

We support whole families learning a language together to make meaningful, relevant and multi-contextual Spanish learning possible - and FUN!

We find children are more motivated to learn when they see Mum, Dad or Grandma giving it a go, and this way their Spanish language learning is continued at home.

Chiquimundo is a place where quality connections are made through language.

​Our teaching methodology supports whole language which means we avoid translating (which confuses children or teaches them to wait for the English), and instead use contextual natural whole sentences which children and parents can use every day.

Chiquimundo - Spanish classes for kids

At Chiquimundo our children’s Spanish classes are small and conducted in a relaxed environment by experienced teachers.

We don’t have a rigid ‘term plan’, but instead offer carefully designed Spanish sessions around special themes that are of particular interest to your children and create handouts with handy tips, websites, and useful phrases so you can continue your Spanish learning at home.

Spanish classes for babies & toddlers

Our Chiquimúsica Spanish Classes are for babies and toddlers under 2.5 years old and parents (we can accept slightly older children if you think this class suits your child better - just ask).

In these classes babies, toddlers and parents/caregivers learn Spanish through song, music, movement and simple phrases that can be used at home.

Spanish classes for toddlers & preschoolers

Our Chiquiniños Spanish Classes are for children 2.5 years to 5 years and an attending parent/caregiver.

Children learn Spanish with themes that relate to popular literature such as 'La Oruga Muy Hambrienta' (The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

Songs, games, stories, music and a combination of large and fine motor activities are incorporated so children can see, touch, hear and use Spanish!

Stay and play Spanish immersion sessions

Our Spanish immersion sessions are for children aged 2.5 - 5 years.

They offer an immersive experience so young ones can quickly pick up the Spanish language in a natural home setting.

These differ from our parent and child classes as children are dropped off and are able to learn Spanish in longer sessions of 4 or 6 hour blocks.

Our other Spanish classes

As well as our baby, toddler and preschool classes, we offer Spanish classes for school-aged children, After School programmes, private lessons and more!
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To find out more about Chiquimundo and to enrol in our Spanish classes, visit our website

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