Must have Learning Tower - The Arc Assistant

**FEATURED** Make life easier with the Arc Assistant! An adjustable safety-fun stool and learning tower that boosts your toddler so they can stand up and interact at bench height without falling. The Arc Assistant has been 100% designed by Arc NZ Baby here in New Zealand to make mealtime prep and other bench activities easier and fun for you and your toddler.
**FEATURED** Make life easier with the Arc Assistant - NEW Learning Tower for Toddlers.

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Head on over to the Arc NZ Baby website and order your Arc Assistant 3 in 1 here.

NEW Learning Tower for Toddlers - Arc Assistant


The Arc Assistant Collection

The Arc Assistant is available in 3 options to suit your budget and family's needs:


Benefits of the Arc Assistant

Not only is the Arc Assistant learning tower practical and stylish, it also comes with some great benefits too including:

1. Less daily kitchen stress with toddlers

2. A safe sanctuary for toddlers in your kitchen

3. Educational & connected bench height fun

4. Supports brain development


What is the Arc Assistant?

The Arc Assistant is a learning tower that has been developed to meet a real need parents and carers are having. It's an adjustable safety-fun stool and learning tower in one that boosts your toddler so they can stand up and interact safely at bench height.

The Arc Assistant has been 100% designed and made here in New Zealand to make meal prep and other bench activities easier and fun for you and your toddler.

It’s the perfect little kitchen helper stool for when they’re wanting to get up on the bench or to be carried whilst you’re trying to cook or do other tasks.

Learning towers provide a safe environment for toddlers to nurture their independence and to stimulate their imagination. Whether it's 'helping' with dinner, baking or doing arts and crafts.

The Arc Assistant has four enclosed sides and gives your toddler more freedom to interact with learning activities than a highchair.

The Arc Assistant’s modular design requires no tools or screws to assemble and goes from flat pack to complete in under 60 seconds! It's also very easy to clean and made of water-resistant board.

The Arc Assistant has been voluntarily safety tested and complies with various sections of New Zealand and Australian Safety Standards. For more information, click here.


Where did the Arc Assistant idea come from?

The new Arc Assistant learning tower came about when Cara, Director of Arc NZ Baby, was chatting with her ‘mum’ friends around New Zealand and discovered that many of the products which would make parents’ lives easier were simply not available in our beautiful country.

From the open feedback these brilliant Kiwi women shared, the hero product for Arc NZ Baby was born, the new toddler learning tower, fondly named - The Arc Assistant.

Cara designed the Arc Assistant with a clear vision:
  • To make her friends’ and other parents’ lives in their homes easier and to increase the level of fun they have with their toddlers around meal prep.
  • To support Kiwi businesses through making the Arc Assistant here in New Zealand.
  • To be environmentally conscious, through not importing items that can be easily made in our ‘back yard’ (The Arc Assistant is made 100% here in New Zealand).

Feedback from other parents about the Arc Assistant

Here’s some of the feedback Cara’s received so far on the Arc Assistant learning tower:
  • "My son Bodhi can stand in The Arc Assistant at the bench and help to make his smoothie or watch me make dinner - sometimes we bake together too, it's pretty cool and he loves it!" Nadia Lim - NZ Celebrity Chef 
  • "The Arc Assistant stool is the MOST USEFUL kitchen assistant of them all!" Babyology, Australia
  • "When it came to a high chair and time to start solids, I couldn’t go past the brand new ARC NZ Baby 5 in 1 design, for it’s function, form and durability." Carly Flynn, NZ TV and radio host, wife and mother.
  • "The supporting walls are great as they allow our toddler to stand safely up at bench height with us" - Angela
  • "The modular design meant easy assembly, with no tools. I made The Arc Assistant in 30 seconds!" - Mark
  • "The height adjustable standing platform means I will use the Arc Assistant for years with my child and can use for future children as well.' - Anna
  • "The removable front wall, allows me to place my 2 year old in the Arc Assistant without having to lift them over the top." - TK
  • "My toddler's occupied and happy while I make dinner (therefore I’m happy too!)." Marie

Buy an Arc Assistant learning tower today to start enjoying stress free kitchen fun with your toddler, supporting their brain development at the same time.

To find out more about the Arc Assistant and to buy your own online, visit the Arc Assistant website

Layby option available. Delivery to New Zealand and Australia only.

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