Top 10 toys for Christmas 2017

Not sure what Christmas presents to buy your kids this year? We take a look at what’s popular and on the must have list for Christmas 2017. From Feisty Pets to LOL Surprise Dolls, Lego, Hatchimals and FurReal Friends.
Not sure what Christmas presents to buy your kids this year?

We take a look at what’s popular and on kids must have list for Christmas 2017.

What toys are popular for Christmas 2017?

Feisty Pets take the top spot this year. Cute and cuddly plush animals that turn into angry animals with sharp teeth and shifty eyes with a simple squeeze of the head.

Next are LOL Surprise Dolls, a seven-layer ball that is unwrapped layer-by-layer to reveal seven surprises. They’ve already sold out in parts of the US!

Some toys from the 2016 Christmas Top Toys List are back with the latest releases from Hatchimals and FurReal Friends.

Hatchimals are furry robot creatures which hatch from an egg and need to be cared for as they grow. The next generation is out now just in time for Christmas, and this year it's double trouble with Twin Hatchimals.

FurReal Friends are in on the Christmas action too and have brought out a series of pooping pets which require walking and feeding and tidying up after them.

Lego is still popular with Kiwi kids with Lego block tape proving to be very popular. It sticks to most surfaces so kids can be even more imaginative with their building blocks and find all sorts of new places to put their creations.

Top 10 toys for Christmas 2017

Based on Trade Me data and national and international trends, here is a list of the top 10 toys New Zealand kids want in their Santa sack for 2017.

1. Feisty Pets

2. LOL Surprise Dolls

3. Twin Hatchimals

4. Fingerlings

5. JoJo Bows

6. Slime

7. Lego Block Tape

8. Shopkins

9. FurReal Friends

10. Unicorn Balloon Ball

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Source: Trade Me

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