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Not all pyjamas are created equal! When it comes to kids pyjama safety understanding the meaning of the fire risk labels is so important, particularly in winter when we have fires lit and heaters on.
When it comes to kids pyjama safety understanding the meaning of the fire risk labels is so important, particularly in winter when we have fires lit and heaters on.

Not all pyjamas are created equal! However it is compulsory for all pyjamas and nightwear bought in New Zealand to have a fire risk label, whether they’re made here or not.

The labels come in 3 colours - red, orange and white and each label colour carries a different meaning.

The labels cover 4 categories which relate to the flame propagation properties of the fabric the pyjamas are made from.

Kids pyjamas and nightwear that fits their bodies closely also reduces the risk of them catching fire.

Kids pyjama fire risk labels


Category 1

WARNING: Low Fire Danger

Pyjamas and clothing in category 1 have a white label and are made from fabrics with low flame propagation.

White labelled garments mean that the fire risk is lower than in other garments, but it doesn’t mean that there is no fire risk at all.

It just means that the fabric either burns more slowly (ie polyester doesn’t burn as quickly as cotton) or the garment is designed to be snug-fitting to reduce the likelihood of loose sleeves and pants brushing against fires or heaters.

Category 1 pyjamas are often made from synthetic fibres and have had a flame retardant added during the manufacturing process.

Categories 2 & 3

WARNING: Caution. Not heat or flame resistant. Wear snug-fitting to reduce risk.

Pyjamas and clothing in categories 2 and 3 will have an orange label and a warning to choose a close-fitting garment size for your child.

Category 2 is assigned to close-fitting clothes and pyjamas which are less likely to catch fire and if they do, the spread of the flame is reduced by the way in which they are designed.
Category 3 pyjamas include all-in-one style pyjamas made from knitted fabrics in sizes 00 to 2 years.

Category 4

WARNING: High fire danger. Keep away from fire.

Pyjamas and clothing in category 4 have a red label and are highly flammable.

The red label indicates that the garment is a high fire risk and made from a fabric that burns quickly, such as cotton, silk and linen.

Pyjamas carrying a red label are more suitable for the warmer months when you’re less likely to be using a fire or heater.

Heater Metre Rule

All clothing fabrics will burn eventually, some quicker than others, so limit the chances of your little one getting too close to a fire or heater by keeping them at least 1 metre away from any heat source.

A fireguard will significantly reduce the risk of your child getting burnt and their clothes setting on light.

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