Kids birthday cake tips

A birthday party is just not a birthday party without a cake, candles and the singing of Happy Birthday. However birthday cakes can sometimes cause parents a lot stress and unnecessary worry. Check out these ideas to help ease the pressure when it comes to kids birthday cakes.
Our kids birthday cake tips will help ease the stress and unnecessary worry in time for your little one's next birthday party, especially if you're making your own cake.

6 Kids birthday cake tips


1. Don't stress!

Don't be put off by the pressure of having to create a birthday cake that looks just like something in a book or magazine.

Children have very good imaginations, so even if it doesn't look perfect to you, they will still know what it is supposed to be and generally are just delighted to have a cake made especially for them. 

Often the joy your little one will get from their birthday cake is not related to the time and effort you put into making it - nor to how perfect the end result is.

Just remember that the birthday cake will be special, no matter what!

Also if time is short or if baking is not one of your strengths, you can always buy a birthday cake instead.

2. Size of the cake

Not sure how big your cake should be or how many people it will serve?

Our simple cake size guide will show you at a glance how many portions/slices/pieces you will get out of a round and square cake to ensure there’s no wastage.

3. Decorating the cake

If you have never used a piping bag to decorate a cake before, give it a go!

It can take a little while to place blobs of icing all over the cake but it is actually really easy and the end result is generally far more satisfying than spreading the icing over the cake with a knife.

Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not use or hire a themed cake template to help create a simple iced cake.

If you are looking for something a bit fancier, there are plenty of good cake decorating books available, as well as websites with lots of designs to choose from.

If your child wants to decorate their own cake, foster their creativity and let them!

For non-bakers you can always buy a plain sponge cake from the supermarket and decorate it yourself at home. There's a huge range of kids party supplies and cake decorations available these days to choose from.

4. Display the cake or keep it?

There really are no rules when it comes to birthday cakes.

You may like to use the cake to create a centrepiece in the middle of your food table or you might choose to leave it out of sight and away from little fingers until you are ready to blow out the candles and serve it up - the choice is yours.

5. 'Doing the cake'

Don't leave cutting the cake until too late in the party as you may have guests who need to leave early.

Also if your party has lots of toddlers and/or pre-schoolers attending you may want to cut the cake sooner than later before they get too tired.

6. Blowing out the candles

Children love to blow out candles and while this can be regarded as a special event reserved for the birthday child, you can also consider giving all the children the opportunity to blow out the candles too.

One option is to re-light the candles on the cake as many times as necessary for each child to take a turn blowing them out.

However this is quite time consuming and does mean that your cake gets huffed and puffed all over by many children - a good way to spread germs!

An alternative is to allow each child the opportunity to blow out one candle on an individual portion.

This could be their serving of the main cake, or it could be a small cupcake or lamington square.

If you have enough adults, several children can have their candles lit at the same time, making the process quicker so that the other children do not have to wait as long for their turn.

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Source: Ginger Wishes. Image source pinterest

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