The benefits of adventure play

Adventure play is all about giving children a wide range of resources and materials to have fun, experiment and build their own creations. Adventure play also comes with many benefits. Find out more about the benefits of adventure play, finding a location, materials to use and your role as a parent in adventure play.
Adventure play comes with many benefits for preschool kids and is all about giving them a wide range of resources and materials to have fun, experiment and build their own creations.

Benefits of adventure play

  • Adventure play encourages children to ask questions, use their imagination, problem-solve and work through the process of developing their own ideas through their play.
  • As children play with and alongside each other, they engage in conversations to share their thoughts and ideas, make decisions about their play, turn-take and negotiate.
  • Through the use of different resources, children learn about mathematical concepts such as fitting equipment together and moving in spaces they have created such as in, around, under and over the objects.

Finding a location

  • Providing activities for children to use their imagination and engage in adventure play can be easily set up in a home environment.
  • However adventure play does not necessarily have to take place indoors. Taking the equipment and resources outdoors on a fine day provides a natural environment for play to develop.

Materials to use

  • Materials such as blankets, cardboard boxes, dress-up clothes, driftwood, material remnants and any other natural or recyclable materials found in and around the home can provide children with the resources to use their imagination and be creative.
  • Adventure play tends to work best when the materials are available in a clear space, providing room for the play to grow and expand.

Your role in adventure play

  • As adults, we can support children by creating a clear and safe environment, listening to their thoughts and ideas, supporting children to put their own ideas into practice and allowing them to explore at their own pace.

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Source: This article was written by Nurtured At Home - providing high quality learning environments in a safe and nurturing home.

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