Helping young kids to tidy up their room

Kids and messy bedrooms are nothing new! So here are some tips on helping young kids to tidy up their room. Ideas that will help your little ones sort through the mess rather than resorting to simply sweeping everything under the carpet!
Kids and messy bedrooms are nothing new! So here are some tips on helping young kids to tidy up their room.

Ideas that will help your little ones sort through the mess rather than resorting to simply sweeping everything under the carpet!

1. No need for bribes & rewards

To help foster independence, managing tidiness in your kids’ rooms often works best if kids are guided and encouraged, rather than when it's enforced or when your resort to bribes and rewards

2. Have a spot for each item

A place for everything and everything in its place is an adage that rings true in kids’ rooms.

With a spot for everything, they’ll be more apt to put everything back in its place and will increase their enjoyment next time when it isn’t a chore to find a misplaced item.

3. Provide bookshelves and wall shelves

Bookshelves and wall shelves are not only great for books, but also for displaying some of their cherished toys and artworks.


4. Provide plenty of storage

Install built-in cupboards and drawers, storage units, hooks, bins and baskets, all at a height and position that are easy for your child to access.

Label shelves and bins to clearly organize what goes where – use words if your child is old enough to read, or photos and symbols if not.

Multi-coloured hooks hung at the perfect height for your child are both decorative and practical.

5. Make tidying up a routine

Set up a clean-up routine policy that works for your child, family and lifestyle, such as:
  • making their bed each morning
  • putting one toy or game away before bringing out or starting another
  • hanging backpacks when returning from daycare
  • cleaning up before the privilege of watching tv
  • tidying their toys before bedtime etc.

6. Provide assistance where it’s needed

Depending on your child’s age, provide the assistance they need to get the tidying up underway.

For younger children, help them with the task and engage them with games or stories that encourage cleaning up, while teaching them independence and responsibility for their things.

7. Reduce, reuse

These days many kids have so much more ‘stuff’ than they need, while others do not.

For those who do, if possible employ the policy of ‘one item in, one item out’, keeping the number of toys down to a minimum and don’t be too quick to replace anything that goes missing or breaks.

Try a regular purge, fostering a practice of donating items and clothing to charity that your kids have out-grown or have lost interest in, reinforcing the positive environmental impact they are making in the ‘reuse’ loop.

8. Don't forget the laundry!

Encourage your little one to not only pick up their toys, but their dirty clothes too.

A laundry bag or an old pillow case hung to a door helps to make laundry day a little easier if dirty clothes are picked up and put into it every day.

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