Beware of imported kids products

Not all kids’ products are created equal! An increasing number of unsafe products are entering New Zealand.
There seems to be an increasing number of babies and kids products sold online or at a market which have somehow got through the border without being checked.

In the past, the Ministry of Economic Development made around 20 product recalls alone including baby strollers, pyjamas and high-chairs.

Legislation introduced in April 2011 aims for more accountability from suppliers.

The Consumer Law Reform Bill requires businesses which voluntarily pull products due to safety concerns to notify the Ministry of Economic Development within 2 working days.

It’s not just the small guys we need to watch. In the past Mattel and a selection of Sesame Street and Dora toys were forced to issue a worldwide recall. More recently a range of baby products were recalled due to safety concerns. The Rock ‘n’ Roll walker and the Oball links and mini rattle were pulled off the market due to potential choking hazards.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has a useful guide to products covered by product standards called Keeping Kids Safe.

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