Top Toys for Christmas 2021

Need some inspiration for your kids Christmas presents? We take a look at what’s popular and on kids must have list for Christmas 2021.
Need some inspiration for your kids Christmas presents? We take a look at what toys are popular and on kids must have list for Christmas 2021.

From burping hippos to booty shakin’ plush pugs - meet this year’s top 10 toys for Christmas.

From popular searches to national and international trends, here's what Santa’s elves predict will be making kids smile on Christmas day. 

Top Toys for Christmas 2021

Take a look at these top 10 toys that are sure to delight under the tree this year:

1. Baby Yoda The Child Animatronic Edition Action Figure

If you have a Star Wars fan on your shopping list, here’s one you don’t want to miss - Baby Yoda the child animatronic edition. Baby Yoda’s popularity remains astronomical and this interactive toy acts like a real baby, breathing and sleeping.

2. Bobby the burping hippo

There's always at least one toy that does something a bit, smelly. This year we have Burping Bobby, who loves stinky food! Kids feed him, but need to watch out - you never know when he's going to BUUUURRRRP! 

3. Fisher Price 4-In-1 Learning Bot

A transforming playtime buddy for baby featuring 4 ways to play and lots of fun music, lights and hands-on activities. Each bot has its own fun for little ones to discover, from spinning eyes to silly popping balls to exciting crawl-and-chase play.

4. Harry Potter Pictionary Air

Pictionary Air has been given a spell-binding twist on the popular Harry Potter theme which sees kids use a magic wand to play the popular game! 

5. L.O.L Suprise! Movie Magic

The popular L.O.L Surprise! dolls have had a reboot this year with a Hollywood movie theme, ready to perform and show off their acting and filmmaking skills! 

6. LEGO Super Mario Starter Course

Introduce your kids to the iconic Super Mario world with Lego through a starter course, or add to it with an expansion set! This is a toy that is sure to last the test of time.

7. Paw Patrol The Movie Marshall's Firetruck

A hot favourite with kids this Christmas season. Epic transformations, an extendable and rotating rescue ladder, massive water cannon launcher, flashing lights and realistic sounds make this PAW Patrol toy the perfect way to play out movie-inspired rescues!

8. Play Doh Drill n Fill Dentist

Even if it can be a little scary to go to the dentist, kids can take control and play pretend dentist with this Play-Doh playset. A great mix of educational and fun - it's sure to be a popular choice this year! 

9. Poppy the Booty Shakin' PugA

This singing, dancing, booty shakin’ pug is set to become a Christmas bestseller this year. Poppy is a plush little pug with contagious energy, she will have your kids and the whole family up and shaking their butts on Christmas morning.

10. Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise

Zuru’s Rainbocorn range is super popular, with the latest Fairycorn Surprise flying off shelves. It has an elaborate unboxing experience that begins with wearable fairy wings for your little one. The fairy surprise continues when your kids unbox some magical colour-changing poop before meeting your newest furry friend who can sing and repeat sounds.

Source: TradeMe

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