Doidy Cup

Throw out those baby bottles and sippy cups! Doidy Cups are loved by babies and toddlers alike! Suitable from 3 months up, Doidy Cups teach your little one to drink from a rimmed cup, not a spout.
Bottle haters love Doidy Cups? Why?

Because using a Doidy Cup is a similar mouth action to suckling when breastfeeding.

Even babies who have never breastfed love Doidys because the suckling is a natural reflex they are born with.

Doidy Cups teach babies and toddlers to use a rimmed cup right from the start, making it the perfect training cup for water, breast milk, formula, purees, yogurt and even soup!

They are easy to clean and hold, with the two adjustable handles and are slanted so your little one can see what they are drinking!

Doidy Cups are the perfect training cup for toddlers or a replacement for bottles for babies from 3 months of age.

From about 5 months, your baby will start to want to hold onto the handles themselves, but up till then, simply place the curved cup rim on their bottom lip and they will start to suck in the liquid all by themselves!

Find out more about Doidy Cup over at or email

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