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Thank you to the following businesses for providing our August competition prizes:


Little Sleep Coach
Be in to win one of three 30 minute Express Phone Consults with Deb Janssen at Little Sleep Coach valued at $50 each!

Deb is a Registered Nurse, Sleep Consultant and Feeding Aversion Consultant, helping families of 0 - 5 year olds get better sleep and more.

Through a holistic approach, Deb can guide your baby, toddler or preschooler towards sleeping independently and happily or overcome a feeding aversion.

As well as general sleep advice, the 30 minute consultation is ideal for gaining advice on breast feeding, bottle feeding, solids, naps/dropping naps, routines, dummies, sleep regressions - anything and everything baby, toddler or preschooler related.

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to Little Sleep Coach. Competition closes 31 August 2022.


Tui Balms
Be in to win a Baby Pack plus Lip Balm from Tui Balms (RRP $54.10)!

Tui Baby Balm is natural skincare formulated with organic beeswax, olive oil, calendula, chamomile, aloe vera, coconut oil and vitamin E to nurture baby’s sensitive skin. Use as a barrier balm to protect baby’s delicate skin, for nappy rash, dry skin, and cradle cap. Perfect for baby massage, mum’s nipple care and the prevention of stretch-marks.

The Baby Pack includes 4x25g Balms for the whole family: Baby Balm, Bug Balm insect repellent, Throat & Chest Balm decongestant, and Lavender Massage Balm for relaxation.

Plus an extra Aloe Vera Lip Balm to nourish your lips!

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to Tui Balms. Competition closes 31 August 2022.


Kindercare Learning Centres
Be in to win this smoothie bundle from Kindercare - a Smoothie Kitchen recipe book and smoothie inspired kitchen goodies!

Smoothies are a great way to pack heaps of nutrition into your family’s diet, especially if you're always on the go. And if you're struggling to get your kids to eat greens: smoothie pops to the rescue!

At Kindercare, we believe children should have a healthy and positive relationship with food as soon as they start eating solids. Our meals are based on the whole-foods approach, meeting specific requirements of paediatric nutrition and supporting children to develop strong food values for life.

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to Kindercare Learning Centres. Competition closes 31 August 2022.


Be in to win the ultimate Portable White + Pink Noise Machine and Nightlight by Sleepytot (RRP $69.99)!

The Portable Machine has 24 kinds of white + pink noise sounds, natural sounds and fan sounds suitable for both children and adults. It also has a night light which is handy for night feeds and nappy changes.

Clip it onto the pram, car seat or on the cot - this portable white noise machine is designed to help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep, whilst also masking environmental or outside noises that can cause a disruption when sleeping.

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to Sleepytot. Competition closes 31 August 2022.


babyballet® Papatoetoe
Be in to win 1 of 2 passes from babyballet® Papatoetoe - 2 months of FREE classes in our babyballet® Tots class for babies 6-18 months!

At babyballet® Papatoetoe, our award-winning dance programme and syllabus has been carefully designed by leading international preschool dance and ballet experts.

Our Tots class is a magical musical experience for parents/carers and babies to enjoy together. Using a combination of movement, music and props/toys, it helps to enhance your baby's physical communication and social/emotional development.

The Tots class provides a stimulating yet gentle introduction to song and dance, improving body awareness and self-control.

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to babyballet® Papatoetoe. Competition closes 31 August 2022.


Creative Force Photography
Be in to win a photo session with the Creative Force Photography valued at $490!

Celebrate and capture the love you and your family have for each other with an amazing photo shoot session with Creative Force Photography in Auckland.

Your prize includes a personalised consultation, with your choice of family, couple, baby or teen photography.

A beautiful photo-shoot with award winning photographer Michel Perrin and a complimentary 10” digital portrait.

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to Creative Force Photography. Competition closes 31 August 2022.


Totally Balmy
Be in to win a family hair care pack from Totally Balmy worth $48!

The pack includes a bamboo hairbrush, a shampoo bar, and Totally Balmy's top selling conditioning spray.

This combo is designed to easily and painlessly get the tangles out of your kids' hair.

The spray is a leave-in conditioner that smells like raspberry; and gets approval from little kids no problem. This is the ultimate zero waste, child-friendly set.

To enter please scroll down & complete your details & click ‘Yes’ next to Totally Balmy. Competition closes 31 August 2022.
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