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  • Wow what a fantastic idea, just had a quick look on the website, it is looking good. It will be great to go to one website for find all the relevant info for our children in one place. Megan, Hawkes Bay
  • Will spread the word! Sharon, Auckland
  • It’s good to see NZ businesses start off & do well. Brenda, Auckland
  • The site is looking great and your Facebook is great too, will do a plug on our FB page for you too! Kelly-Anne, Gore
  • What a lovely idea for a website. Well done. I am happy to support another female NZ business. I run my small business from home. Emma, Auckland
  • Website’s looking really great. I signed up for your updates. Nicole, Auckland
  • I have just joined your page on Facebook and also had a look at the new website. It is something that NZ needs online. Mel, Ashburton
  • What a cool idea! Will flick onto my sis. Heidi, Auckland
  • I'm off to join your FB page now! Lydia, Tauranga
  • This sounds really interesting and would like to find out more information. Yvette, Auckland
  • Just what I need! I will forward on to all my friends with young ones! Will forward onto my coffee group and other mates too. Natalie, Wellington
  • Website looks lovely! Jane, Auckland
  • The site looks great. Congratulations and we wish you every success. Joanne, Wellington
  • Well done you! Love the site. Will make sure I pass it onto all the mums I know. Brodie, Auckland
  • I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!! Great job! The site looks fantastic, very easy to navigate, and I love your colours & front page pic.  I’ve ‘liked you’ on Facebook already. Sally, Auckland
  • Your new website looks cool - fantastic resources for Mums and Dads! I will forward to my friends who fall into this category! Linda, Auckland
  • Congratulations on the launch! Website looks great, well done!! Adeline, Auckland
  • Looks great, I shall spread the word. Stacey, Auckland
  • Congrats the site looks fab. I'm all signed up and have spread the word. Jo, Auckland

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