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Your child's health and wellbeing is paramount! Choose from a selection of natural and general healthcare products
and accessories for their body, hair and skin. Our articles will help you too to ensure the all-round health and
wellbeing of your little one.

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ThumbGuard NZ

ThumbGuard NZ

Stop Thumb Sucking with ThumbGuard! ThumbGuard has a success rate of over 90%. It works by physically stopping the child making a seal over the thumb, thereby removing the pleasure from thumb sucking without causing pain or discomfort! ThumbGuards are made of safe medical grade plastic which sit over the thumbs. Read unsolicited testimonials on our website! FingerGuards available for fingersuckers.
Totally Balmy

Totally Balmy

Natural skincare for kids and the whole family; made by my family for yours. Totally Balmy makes soap, deodorant, baby balms, lip balm, sleep salve, and bath salts. Made with ingredients you can pronounce, without the nasty chemicals.


While many medicines and health products are not suitable for children under 6 years of age, Kiwiherb children’s natural health products have been specifically formulated for use in infants and children ages 0-12. For parents seeking gentle yet effective health solutions for their children, Kiwiherb is the natural choice.
Goodbye Products

Goodbye Products

Goodbye Sandfly Natural (100% plant oil) Bug Repellent and Bite Soother makes the outdoors fun. You get the comfort that it works, and that it’s GOOD for you and your family. The Goodbye family includes Goodbye Nits, the drama-free product for dealing with headlice, and Goodbye Ouch Manuka Balm, the skin care product for all the ouch moments in your life.
Colic Calm

Colic Calm

Say Goodbye to Baby Woes! Nearly 25% of babies experience colic and another 70% of babies suffer the distress of wind and gastric discomfort. Colic Calm is an all natural allergen-free homoeopathic formula that provides rapid and effective relief. Proven to work even in the toughest cases! Good day . . . Good night . . . Guaranteed!
Little Hope & Co

Little Hope & Co

Little Hope & Co. aims to provide your baby with a safe, snug and stylish place to sleep. Our baby 'CocoonMe' are made from certified organic cotton fabric and pure New Zealand wool - perfect for all seasons and easy to look after, just what every parent needs!

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