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Annies Wiggles are a 100% natural fruit snack designed especially for kids. One Wiggles bar is equivalent to one piece of fruit – fruit they’ll eat! For the grown-ups Annies does a great range of natural fruit leather and dried fruit products with no bad stuff – ever. Annies is food you trust.


Annies Marlborough hand-makes 100% natural fruit leather, air-dries local apples and supplies a sweet range of natural sugar replacements.

No bad stuff ever

Annies yummy hunger busters are fat free, gluten free, yeast, dairy and nut free. We add no sugar, flavours or preservatives and use fruit pulp (not concentrate). Annies chooses only ingredients and suppliers we trust, so we can make food you trust.

Completely natural

Check out the whole range - 100% Pure Fruit Leathers, Wiggles, Extra Fibre Fruit Leather, Veggie Bar, Natural Sweet sugar replacements, teeth-friendly gum and mints, and Chocolate Fruit.

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FreshFields – Capturing Natures Goodness

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